We are media sponsors for a second year in a row for NYC PRIDE which is a series of events from June 15th - June 24th. We'll be at a number of events from the March, Pride Island (music festival), additional music events, the brunch and more as we celebrate love and diversity! Make sure to follow us across our social as we keep you in the loop on events as well as where you can catch us! 



We're all about all things athleisure culture! |t's all about infusing this in every facet of our lives. Whether you're talking about fashion, style, beauty, travel, wellness, culinary, lifestyle, music, entertainment and more - we're all about it! In addition to creating our monthly issues, direct dedicated content and our own events, this year, you'll see us participating at a number of events to share our love of what we believe in in these areas! We are so proud to be sponsoring these events to the left and you can circle back to find out what we will be doing at each one as we get a bit closer!