We all know that bra shopping can be an absolute nightmare. Between the confusing sizes, uncomfortable straps or underwires, and difficulty finding bras that give the lift you need, bra shopping can be incredibly frustrating! There’s probably a high chance that you own at one bra that doesn’t fit you right, doesn’t give you realistic-looking cleavage, and doesn’t give you lift, but that you purchased simply because you couldn’t find anything better.

We found a company that is seeking to end the bra shopping struggle. Upbra is a California based bra company seeking to revolutionize the bra industry by creating a bra that provides cleavage for smaller breasts and lift for larger breasts. Upbra is unique in that it gives you the power to control the amount of cleavage and lift you want with its fully adjustable Cleavage Control Straps. For those with smaller cup sizes, Upbra’s patented Active Lift® technology allows you to achieve cleavage that you never thought possible, without the use of excessive padding. The Upbra allows the wearer to look up to two sizes larger, without looking unnatural or fake.

Upbra isn’t just for smaller cup sizes, though. A common struggle for women with larger bra sizes is finding a bra that gives lift and support, and that will stay in place. Upbra does all this and more, thanks to the extra grip support inside the cups which help grip the wearer’s breasts and move them inward and upward when the cleavage-control straps are pulled.

Whether you have a smaller cup size and are looking for natural cleavage without having to go under the knife, or have a larger bust that requires lift you can’t find in other bras, the Upbra is a great option. With 3 distinct bra styles, swimwear, and soon-to-come sports bras and underwire-free styles, the Upbra is 1 bra that does it all, plus puts you in  control over your cleavage and lift.