On today's episode of Bungalow SK, we talk to a creative that we have loved since popping on our radar on CBS' The Amazing Race. Paige Mycoskie who understands the importance of branding as well as giving her customers the comfort they need to maneuver throughout their day. As the founder of Aviator Nation, she fused her love for design, music and a retro aesthetic to create a brand that is known for its signature stripes and good vibes for men and women. With her brand popping up on athletes and being styled on such shows as TNT's Animal Kingdom as well as being included in photoshoots at Athleisure Mag, we find out how being at the right place at the right time has been a significant benefit to Paige's endeavors.


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Thanks to social media, footballer’s lives are more documented than they ever have been before and for those who really want to show off, it’s the ideal spotlight. Fashion is the perfect way to be creative and to reveal your true style and for these football stars, it’s an opportunity they’ve taken seriously. These are some of the most stylish football players who can’t get enough of showcasing their wardrobe.

Sergio Ramos

Spanish captain Sergio Ramos seems to get more stylish with every passing year and now that he’s embraced his thirties, he’s taken on a more sophisticated wardrobe, from tailored suits and waistcoats to stylish chinos and a smart casual look. 

Serge Gnabry

If there’s one person leading the next generation of style conscious sports stars onto the scene, it’s Gnabry. It’s easy to see how growing up in a world of social media has influenced Gnabry’s impeccable style. From his casual streetwear to moments where he’s donned a full suited attire, Gnabry always looks Instagram-ready. 

Hector Bellerin

Arsenal’s right back, Hector Bellerin, is arguably one of the most recognised footballers when it comes to style in the Premier League. It’s fair to say that he’s curated a look all of his own, where high-end fashion meets casual streetwear, and he’s not afraid to think outside of the box when it comes to his clothing which makes him both a darling for fashion blogs and football blogs at Infogol

Timothy Weah

There aren’t many athletes who could pull off a fashion shoot with Hypebeast but Tim Weah is one of the few who can. Weah is yet another member of the social media elite who is comfortable dressing with a photo opportunity in mind and he’s certainly one of the best dressed footballers of the moment. 

Romain Gall

Gall has the perfect mix of stylish influences on his side, having grown up in Paris, playing for Malmo in Sweden and representing the USA internationally. For a 23-year-old, he’s incredibly well-travelled and that has played a part in his curation of a unique and inspiring wardrobe. 

Tom Davies

Everton’s midfielder Tom Davies has found a way of taking his work attire off the pitch and into everyday life, with a laid-back style that’s most comfortable but stylish, and always eclectic. 

Gregory van der Wiel

One of the most fashionable players in the sport is Gregory van der Wiel. From rocking old Manchester United shirts to rocking a smart-casual look when hanging with his kids, the Dutchman has found a way of pulling off every look as if he was born to wear it. 

David Alaba

Alaba never seems to get it wrong when it comes to fashion. It can be all too easy for a look to veer from innovative to tacky, but Alaba always executes every style opportunity to perfection and with the perfect balance of creativity and thought. 

Kevin Trapp

From donning Dior to hanging out with Beckham at Paris Fashion Week, Trapp is at the epicentre of fashion, making him the most stylish goalkeeper in history. Germany’s goalie has the perfect mix of classic and on-trend style that works perfectly. 

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