Vintage Books

Toni Morrison

One of the world's greatest authors' Toni Morrison passed away earlier this year and we had to include one of our favorite books she wrote - Beloved. This novel takes us on Sethe's journey who was born a slave and eventually escapes to Ohio. Even though she made an epic journey, we find that 18 years later she still isn’t free.

Through the novel's conversational style of the ongoing subconscious, we are constantly reminded of her memories of Sweet Home where a number of atrocities took place. These are juxtaposed against her current home which is haunted by the ghost of her baby who never had a name and whose tombstone is engraved with the lone word: Beloved.



Celadon Books

Alex North

This novel explores a multi-generational story in this dark, suspense thriller of a father and son who are caught in the midst of an investigation that is focused on catching a serial killer who is transfixed on a small town.

We meet Tom Kennedy and his young son Jake who are healing from the sudden death of his wife. The healing takes place with a fresh beginning in their new home in a completely new town - Featherbank.

The town has a past, which includes "The Whisper Man" who abducted and murdered 5 residents 20 years ago by luring them out of their windows with his whispers.

Unaware of this history, a boy vanishes after they move in and it resembles the dark history of the serial killer. The next person to hear the whisper is Tom's son Jake and everyone must confront their past in order to solve this killer wherever the trail leads.



Melville House

Helen Rosner

Anthony Bourdain had a way of storytelling that extended beyond food and encompassed culture and asking questions about the state of the world and who we want to be. This book includes his last interviews with Neil Degrasse Tyson and Anthony was always modest about his skill as a chef; however, he was known for his wit, curiosity, honesty and passion for communicating with others - regardless if it was on his TV Show, an array of stages and beyond. He constantly looked at how what appears on your plate reveals historical and political climates that people are in. His empathy for these conversations while traveling really allowed viewers to understand the world around them as he became known as "The Hemingway of Gastronomy".

These intense moments even continued when he talked about himself in regards to his battles with addiction, or when detailing his thoughts on restaurant critics.

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On today's episode of Athleisure Kitchen, we head to the offices of Eataly in Flatiron to talk with Dino Borri, VP of Global Partnerships at one of our favorite culinary destinations that allows patrons to shop the marketplace, enjoy an array of eateries within this location and to learn more about Italian foods. Today's podcast episode kicks off with an introduction by Dino and continues with his discussion on the history and importance of the Italian Aperitivo as well as discussing the extensive biodiversity of foods that are available in Italy and can be purchased at Eataly.





Emily Elyse Miller

Whether you eat it or not, we have all heard that, "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day." Many also enjoy the concept of having breakfast for dinner. Whatever your preference, this cookbook focuses on a collection of hundreds of home-cooking recipes that are enjoyed globally!

In addition to being able to make the recipes, the book also provides a few tips and notes so that you understand the cultural context of these meals as well as having culinary insight.

Meals included in this book can include those that are sweet, savory, classical, regional (Chinese Pineapple Buns, Scottish Morning Rolls Egyptian Ful Medames, etc.).



Atria Books

Jennifer Weiner

When change takes place, are you doing it or is something outside of you that is doing this? We're introduced to Jo and Bethie Kaufman who grew up in 1950s Detroit with a life that definitely had the foundation of potential. Jo navigated life as a bookish tomboy who believes that life should be fair. Bethie is the classic good girl who is feminine and pretty. Although she aspires to have a traditional life, she also has those star qualities that could take her to the next level.

Life has a funny way of changing things up as we watch the evolution of these girls with free love, Vietnam, Woodstock and women's lib taking place among their own traumas and tragedies.

These events create a bit of a switch up with Bethie being up for any adventure, embacing the counterculture and able to do anything as long as she doesn't have to settle down. Jo has become a proper mother in Connecticut and witness the change around her without having to participate.

Both sisters realize that the life that they are living isn't what they want and that their paths or dreams weren't what they envisioned them to be.



Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Lori Gottlieb

In this non-fiction book, therapist Lori Gottlieb with patients and a practice in Los Angeles finds herself in the midst of a crisis. She begins seeing Wendell, a quirky and seasoned therapist. She realizes that the very things that her patients come to her are issues that she has about her own life. This book mixes humor and wisdom and examines her world as a clinician and patient and peels back the layers of truth and fiction that we tell ourselves as we toggle back and forth between the natural duality that exists in our lives.

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On today's episode of Athleisure Kitchen, we headed to the offices of Chefs Club in Soho to sit down and talk with Michelin starred chef and restaurateur, George Mendes, who was also the cover for Athleisure Mag for the June Issue about Aldea located in Flatiron as well as his pop up concept AMAR which is in residency at Chefs Club Counter through the end of August. We talk about the importance of Portuguese cuisine in his food, his passion for food and a number of his partnerships that allow our palettes to know more about Portuguese food.

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