Nan A. Talese

Margaret Atwood

Whether you've enjoyed The Handmaid's Tale on Hulu or read the book, rest assured that the dramatic conclusion is addressed in the sequel written by Margaret Atwood, The Testaments! The dystopian adventure continues 15 years after the events that took place in the original book and although the Republic of Gilead continues to rule, it's evident that there are signs that it is crumbling from within. This moment in history is seen through 3 women (2 who are the result of the first generation of people that grew up in this world) who lead very different lives from one another. The third woman is powerful as she knows a number of secrets. The result of what takes place is definitely dramatic.




Dana Thomas

We constantly think about what we're going to wear. Fashionopolis looks at the damaging effects that the clothing industry has created within the realm of fast fashion. Statistically, the industry creates 80 billion garments a year and employs every sixth person on Earth.

The fashion industry has a number of areas that are looking for reforms from exploited labor, enviromental, intellectual property, globalization, tech revolution and of course the effects of fast fashion. Dana Thomas travels the globe to share the stories of visionary designers and companies who are paving the way to a positive future to reclaim the traditional craft and to utilize cutting edge sustainable technologies to create better fashion. In an effort to dress with intention, she explores 3D printing, clean denim processing, smart manufacturing, fabric recycling, lab created fabrics as well as the use of hyperlocalism.




Soren Sveistrup

If you enjoyed AMC's The Killing, then you will enjoy the creator's newest thriller which is soon to be a Netflix Original Series - The Chestnut Man. Copenhagen is being terrorized by a psychopath known as the "chestnut man". At each of his bloody crime scenes, he leaves a handmade doll made of matchsticks with two chestnuts.

Upon examination of the dolls, they realize that there is a fingerprint that belonged to a young girl. This girl was a government minister's daughter that has been kidnapped and murdered a year ago. Is it a coincidence or something even more bizarre than what they had imagined.

A pair of detectives become a part of a mission to save the innocent lives of those in Copenhagen and find that they must put their personal issues aside in order to put the clues together to find this serial killer.

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Vintage Books

Toni Morrison

One of the world's greatest authors' Toni Morrison passed away earlier this year and we had to include one of our favorite books she wrote - Beloved. This novel takes us on Sethe's journey who was born a slave and eventually escapes to Ohio. Even though she made an epic journey, we find that 18 years later she still isn’t free.

Through the novel's conversational style of the ongoing subconscious, we are constantly reminded of her memories of Sweet Home where a number of atrocities took place. These are juxtaposed against her current home which is haunted by the ghost of her baby who never had a name and whose tombstone is engraved with the lone word: Beloved.



Celadon Books

Alex North

This novel explores a multi-generational story in this dark, suspense thriller of a father and son who are caught in the midst of an investigation that is focused on catching a serial killer who is transfixed on a small town.

We meet Tom Kennedy and his young son Jake who are healing from the sudden death of his wife. The healing takes place with a fresh beginning in their new home in a completely new town - Featherbank.

The town has a past, which includes "The Whisper Man" who abducted and murdered 5 residents 20 years ago by luring them out of their windows with his whispers.

Unaware of this history, a boy vanishes after they move in and it resembles the dark history of the serial killer. The next person to hear the whisper is Tom's son Jake and everyone must confront their past in order to solve this killer wherever the trail leads.



Melville House

Helen Rosner

Anthony Bourdain had a way of storytelling that extended beyond food and encompassed culture and asking questions about the state of the world and who we want to be. This book includes his last interviews with Neil Degrasse Tyson and Anthony was always modest about his skill as a chef; however, he was known for his wit, curiosity, honesty and passion for communicating with others - regardless if it was on his TV Show, an array of stages and beyond. He constantly looked at how what appears on your plate reveals historical and political climates that people are in. His empathy for these conversations while traveling really allowed viewers to understand the world around them as he became known as "The Hemingway of Gastronomy".

These intense moments even continued when he talked about himself in regards to his battles with addiction, or when detailing his thoughts on restaurant critics.

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Emily Elyse Miller

Whether you eat it or not, we have all heard that, "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day." Many also enjoy the concept of having breakfast for dinner. Whatever your preference, this cookbook focuses on a collection of hundreds of home-cooking recipes that are enjoyed globally!

In addition to being able to make the recipes, the book also provides a few tips and notes so that you understand the cultural context of these meals as well as having culinary insight.

Meals included in this book can include those that are sweet, savory, classical, regional (Chinese Pineapple Buns, Scottish Morning Rolls Egyptian Ful Medames, etc.).



Atria Books

Jennifer Weiner

When change takes place, are you doing it or is something outside of you that is doing this? We're introduced to Jo and Bethie Kaufman who grew up in 1950s Detroit with a life that definitely had the foundation of potential. Jo navigated life as a bookish tomboy who believes that life should be fair. Bethie is the classic good girl who is feminine and pretty. Although she aspires to have a traditional life, she also has those star qualities that could take her to the next level.

Life has a funny way of changing things up as we watch the evolution of these girls with free love, Vietnam, Woodstock and women's lib taking place among their own traumas and tragedies.

These events create a bit of a switch up with Bethie being up for any adventure, embacing the counterculture and able to do anything as long as she doesn't have to settle down. Jo has become a proper mother in Connecticut and witness the change around her without having to participate.

Both sisters realize that the life that they are living isn't what they want and that their paths or dreams weren't what they envisioned them to be.



Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Lori Gottlieb

In this non-fiction book, therapist Lori Gottlieb with patients and a practice in Los Angeles finds herself in the midst of a crisis. She begins seeing Wendell, a quirky and seasoned therapist. She realizes that the very things that her patients come to her are issues that she has about her own life. This book mixes humor and wisdom and examines her world as a clinician and patient and peels back the layers of truth and fiction that we tell ourselves as we toggle back and forth between the natural duality that exists in our lives.

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Harper Wave

Anca Toderic + Christine Lucaciu

When the founders of meal planning service, Huckle & Goose created this cookbook, their aim was to provide the necessary tools to make cooking at home, simple and enjoyable. Each week these sister-in-laws help people find the secrets to encourage them cook more and to like it! They want people to shake up what they are making in the kitchen to keep it new and fresh for themselves and those that they are cooking for.

The cookbook illustrates 100 recipes that span over 16 weeks of meals that are simple, seasonal

and can be made at home 3 times a week. This includes vegetable focused dinners, Instagrammable salads, breakfast and dessert. The focus involves good ingredients, family traditions and includes a "use everything in your fridge" method. There is advice to cooks on how to implement these dishes and to create a natural rhythm in your kitchen so that making meals doesn't seem so anxiety driven and daunting.



Riverhead Books

Elizabeth Gilbert

From the author of Eat, Pray, Love, Elizabeth Gilbert sets the stage of the theater world in the 1940's in New York City. Her story is told from wise woman looking back on her youth for all of its highs and lows.

We meet Vivian Morris at the age of 19 in 1940 after being kicked out of Vassar College due to a lack of performing. Her well to do parents send her to Manhattan to stay with Aunt Peg who owns an over the top and crumbling theater called the Lily Playhouse. She is introduced to a myriad of characters from actors, writers, stage managers and more. But when she makes a personal mistake, it bleeds over to her professional life and it will take years to undo the affects of the scandal.



Gallery Books

Christina Lauren

It seems that with Olive Torres, that when it rains, it pours. She feels that she is the unlucky twin when it comes to a layoff and a number of misfortunes that tend to only happen to her. Her sister Ami is always in a land of bounty like when she paid for her entire wedding with an array of contests!

For Olive, bad luck is one thing but having to spend her sister's wedding day with the best man Ethan Thomas is not her idea of a good time.

With plans to rise above, the entire wedding party gets food poisoning minus herself and Ethan. With a free trip - honeymoon available, she is determined that Ethan will not be the only one to enjoy it! With their white flags drawn, they head to Maui for 10 days and assume the role of newlyweds. Surprisingly, Olive realizes that pretending that she is lucky isn't hard to do and she feels that she is exactly where she is meant to be.

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Simon & Schuster

Lauren Weisberger

From the author of A Devil Wears Prada, we are introduced to Miranda Priestly's extremely chatty assistant, Emily Charlton in Connecticut as she is not a suburbanite, we know that hilarity will ensue as she becomes acclimated to her home.

In taking a step back, we're brought up to date on Emily's life as after being the assistant to Miranda, in her 30’s she had moved to Los Angeles and is an image consultant who is also married. But a frantic call from a friend sends her to Connecticut to do an image makeover that will assist a scandalous situation.

While navigating her new surroundings, she is surprised at how catty the women are who are potentially shunning her client and how class is not always something that you can assume someone has simply by having money.



Hardie Grant

Carla Oates

The more we learn about our bodies, the better we are at being able to avoid getting sick or at least knowing what we can do to maintain our health. In The Beauty Chef Guide, this book serves as companion to the author's book - The Beauty Chef. This book focuses on the connection between the skin and gut health. During this 8 week program, you will learn about importance of gut functionality, weekly meal plans for repairing and reprogramming your gut, and more than 90 recipes.

In addition to this topic, those reading this book will receive advice on repairing your gut, advice on wellbeing, cleaning products, mindfulness and yoga. With so much research being done in this area, it's great to have a guide where you can learn more about this and apply it to your life as needed.



Harper Wave

Pete Holmes

The Athleisure Mag team has been a fan of Pete Holmes as we enjoy his HBO show Crashing. Growing up as an Evangelical Christian, he was always aware of being good and avoiding being bad. He was so focused, that he married his first girlfriend and the age of 22 - only to find out that he was being cheated on. He decided that he needed to explore life and find a way to marry his beliefs with the life that he wanted. Pete came to comedy where he performed in front of thousand's of people as well as creating a new life spiritually and professionally. This journey continues today as he continues to be successful while also searching for the deeper meaning in life, love and comedy.





St. Martin's Press

Tracey Garvis Graves

Attending the University of Illinois, Annika Rose finds that in many social situations, she is not only anxious, but finds other's behaviour confusing. She'd prefer to be in the company of order and discipline which she finds with her books or quietly playing chess.

She finds that fellow chess player, Jonathan Hoffman, who is in the chess club is her perfect match as they bring out the best in one another. Unfortunately, their relationship ends and they are driven apart only to find that a decade later, their paths are crossed again. With their passions urging to be rekindled, they both realize that if they don't focus on what drove them apart - they won't be able to capitalize on their second chance at love.



St. Martin's Press

Sally Hepworth

The relationship between a person and their Mother-In-Law can be complicated for some. When Lucy met her husband's mother - Diana, she knew that she was not the person that she had in mind. She was constantly kept at arm's length despite.

Her Mother-In-Law, Diana was known as a pillar in the community as well as being involved in a number of charities. She was beloved by everyone; moreover, not one person had a bad thing to say abou her - except for Lucy. Lucy was polite and sweet; however, she couldn't connect with Diana.

All of that was five years ago. Diana was found dead with a suicide note stating that she no longer wanted to live due to a cancer that she was dealing with; however, the autopsy showed no signs of this. It does find traces of poison with evidence of suffocation.

Who wanted Diana dead, why did her will change near her death to disinherit both of her children and their spouses and what can one make of Lucy who isn't sad that Diana is dead?




Chanel Cleeton

Sugar heiress, Beatriz Perez knows that the Cuban Revolution took everything from her - family, her people, and country. She was recruited by the CIA to infiltrate Fidel Castro's inner circle and pulled into the dangerous world of espionage. She is consumed by revenge and her need to reclaim everything that was lost.

With the Cold War in full effect, she finds herself caught in the midst of Cuban American politics and a forbidden affair that is driven by his ambitions. She is caught between the past and the future, but knows that a wrong move can cost her everything.




Ballantine Books

Taylor Jenkins Reid

When an iconic band comes together and then splits, everyone wants to know what were the reasons behind it - especially when it happens at the height of their career when they seemed unstoppable! We're introduced to Daisy in the late sixties who hangs out on the Sunset Strip sneaking into clubs, sleeping with rockstars and dreaming of her own turn when she can perform at Whisky a Go Go. When she hits 20, she's beautiful and is getting noticed.

At the same time, The Six, a band led by Billy Dunne is also doing well and on the night of their first tour, he finds that his girlfriend is pregnant and he gets a bit wild on the road.

A producer realizes that if Daisy and Billy combined their powers, they would become legendary and this coupling is the baseline of this novel. We learn about the journey of these two forces in the sixties and seventies and how they eventually would fall apart when they seemed so unstoppable.



Riverhead Books

Helen Oyeyemi

We have all read our share of children's books where gingerbread is talked about. In this book, the magic of gingerbread hits another level in looking at it as a family legacy in the form as an inheritance as a recipe.

We meet Perdita Lee a British schoolgirl and her mother Harriet Lee who is looking to step into the school social hierarchy. As normal as they seem, the two share a gold painted 7th floor walk up with verbal vegetation and there is the fact that they make gingerbread. Although it goes unnoticed in London, it is sought after in Druhástrana, her mother's hometown.

Throughout the book which spans decades, we learn of family grudges, jealousies, real estate and more with the backdrop of gingerbread which binds the family together and holds their true value.



Simon Pulse

Suzanne Young

When reading this, you will think of Westworld meets The Handsmaid's Tale. The Girls of Innovations Academy are beautiful and well-behaved. Under the watchful gaze of their Guardian, they receive a well-rounded education as obedient girls, free from arrogance, troublesome opinions or individual interests.

But the controlled existence is a facade. As Mena and her friends uncover the dark secrets of what’s actually happening there—and who they really are—the girls of Innovations Academy fight back.



Wish I was here_Book cover.jpg


Lannoo Publishers

Many of us have bucketlists, wishlists and places where we allow our visions of wanderlust to roam! There is something about having a destination that we envision ourselves being in that makes the day to day grind much more manageable to go through. This coffee table book was created by Lannoo Publishers and has some of the most covetable places on Earth placed within its pages.

A number of top international photographers showcase the most beautiful hotspots to surf, dive or enjoy life. Over 200 pages with breath-taking beaches and spectacular photos under, on, near or at the water which will only encourage you to get ready for your next vacation.

The Guest Book.jpg


Sarah Blake

Flatiron Books

The Guest Book is such an exciting book and won't be out until May of this year, we suggest that you pre-order this book now. In this novel, you learn about the 3 generations of Milton's as they appear in 1936, 1959 and then in the present day.

Who would think that a simple word "no" would not only hurt Kitty Milton in 1936 as well as for the rest of her life, but would also create a rippling effect for future generations? Kitty and her husband Ogden come from families that are considered the backbone of the country. Not meant to be more then just uttering it at one point in their lives, they enjoy their decadent lives living within their comfortable world - change is beginning to take shape in other areas.

As we move onto 1959, we move from Maine to NYC where we see Kitty in the next phase of her life and two strangers emerge within her family. One has garnered the attention of her daughter while another makes them evaluate the state of their family and what it stands for as change continues.

This change is so present that the very finances of the family are at risk now that Kitty has passed on and in finding out how they can keep the island due to not being able to afford, it they must dig into their family history to uncover myths that threaten the image of the family.

Magical Cities.jpg


Lizzie Mary Gullen

Michael Joseph

When things get too hectic and you need to take time to just relax, there is nothing better then having a coloring book nearby where you can organize your thoughts by drawing. We're loving this coloring book because it is a merge between applying colors to a city while being transported to inspired locations.


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Phil Knight

Simon & Schuster

In Shoe Dog, Nike's founder and board chairman Phil Knight gives an inside view on being the man behind the swoosh. He shares how the early days of his company started as a feisty startup which grew into one of the most iconic brands in the world. This CEO walks readers through mistakes that were made, his struggles and sacrifices that he took to grow his company.

His story begins after graduating business school and borrowing $50 from his father to import high-quality, low-cost running shoes from Japan. Selling them out of the trunk of his car in 1963, he grossed $8,000 in his first year versus currently having annual sales of $30 billion.

Although many know about the beginnings of Nike, Phil Knight is a shy man that has always been a bit of a mystery. In this book he explains the highs and lows, how he curated his employees to be ambassadors of his brand and to embrace the ethos of what his company stands for.



Michelle Obama

Crown Publishing Group

First Lady Michelle Obama gives a first hand account in this memoir about her life as well as embracing her role in the White House. In addition to being the First African American First Lady to serve, she has also been known as an advocate for women and girls in the US and around the world. In addition, one of her most notable platforms is her initiative focused on ensuring that families pursue healthier and active lives.

In addition to her platform, Michelle talks about engaging with the media that she embraced from appearing on Ellen, Carpool Karaoke and other outlets as well as being scrutinized in other areas within media throughout her husband’s presidency.

Ultimately, this memoir walks readers through her life, who she was prior to her marriage, being a wife and raising two girls in the limelight. We are introduced to her childhood in the South Side of Chicago and we get an inside look on the public and private aspects of her life.



Christopher Kimball

Little, Brown

Tuesday night recipes are reserved for easy dishes to make that can be executed after your busy day of work, post happy hour drinks etc. But Milk Street, created by Christopher Kimball (formerly of America's Test Kitchen). This book includes a number of recipes that makes Tuesday night’s meals something that you can get excited about.

Regardless of your cooking skills, readers will find an array of meals that will get them through the middle of their week. Dishes include: Peruvian ceviche or glaze potatoes with gochujang.

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Nike SB


When it comes to looking at the iconic nature of Nike's Dunk SB (created in 2002) which is considered a basketball court staple, it also has street cred when it comes to skate and streetwear as well. Known as the early catalyst of sneaker culture, this shoe has has a number of iterations and collaborations!

This book serves as a living archive which has been enjoyed by celebrities, included in competitions around the world and heralded for their signature designs that is also high in performance.

Throughout this coffee table book, fans will see iconic styles, colorways deemed signatures and of course, its craftsmanship of the brand.



Joel Gamoran

Harper Wave

Joel Gamoran, star of the A&E series Scraps and the National Chef of Sur La Table, releases Cooking Scrappy: 100 Recipes to Help You Stop Wasting Food, Save Money, and Love What You Eat. You'll look at the ingredients in your kitchen in a different way in a cookbook that has 150 colorful photographs and 100 recipes.

In this book, you'll see that disconnected leftovers in your fridge can actually be components of ingredients to make your next best thing that you are about to make for friends and family. In addition, he showcases how tools in your kitchen can pull double duty.

Ultimately, readers understand that being resourceful allows them to reduce waste and to optimize their resources. This style of cooking is not only environmentally sound but economical and is one that is sustainable in a way that many are looking to tackle.



Sarah Jane Carter

Creative Designs and Artwork

When it comes to take a mental break, there is something about having a coloring book for adults that is always nearby, whether on your nightstand or in your tote bag.

In this coloring book, you can enjoy creating colorful embellishments of an array of pictures from animals, mandalas, flowers, paisley patterns, and so much more. The act of coloring allows the creator to focus on something besides their day to day work, reduce their stress, focus on their artistic pleasures and add complexities to their work in the manner that they choose whether using crayons, oil paints, color pencils or water colors.

We suggest taking this on your next flight and collecting an array of her color books any time you need an element of escapism to reconnect yourself with what you are working on.

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Jennifer Cohen

Habit Nest

Consider this your personal trainer in book format. When you're focused on obtaining your fitness goals for the booty of your dreams as well as trimming your waist. This book has workout tips that is created by Celebrity Fitness trainer, Jennifer Cohen. You'll find instructions on targeted workouts for 10 weeks and you have the ability to track your process.

This fitness journal allows you to be accountable and to take authority of your goals.


Ellie Kemper

Simon and Schuster

If you wanted to know more about Ellie Kemper who starred as Kimmy Schmidt in the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt as well as The Office's, Erin Hanon, this book gives insight into this comedic wife, mother and New Yorker and the funny stories of how she got into the industry, like landing her role in Bridesmaids when she actually was a Bridesmaid!

Ellie talks about her childhood in St Louis from directing/starring in her family holiday pageants, attempting (and failing) at becoming friends with the backyard squirrel, washing her dad's car with a Brillo pad and becoming a “sports monster” who ends up warming the bench of her Division 1 field hockey team in college.

It is worth learning how she navigated the industry and how she stayed true to herself is a lesson in staying positive in an industry that is tough to get into as reflecting on the way one should also approach their own lives no matter what industry they work in.



AJ Pearce

Simon and Schuster

Set in London during World War II, we learn about Emmeline Lake who dreams about being a war correspondent and actually becomes a secret advice columnist in the process! Emmy and her best friend, Bunty continue to do their part for the war effort and maintain cheerful dispositions despite the fact that they hear the nightly raids made by German planes.

Emmy answers an ad in the newspaper thinking that her dream of being a Lady Emmy answers an ad in the newspaper thinking that her dream of being a Lady War Correspondent is about to become true and finds that in an epic misunderstanding that she is typing letters for Henrietta Bird, the paper's known advice columnist of Woman's Friend magazine.

Mrs. Bird tells her that letters that are not appropriate must go into the trash.

But when Emmy reads the pleas of women who have engaged too far with the wrong man, (those who don’t want to let their children be evacuated that) she begins to write to them secretly even though she knows she shouldn't.

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JUROR #3.jpg

James Patterson + Nancy Allen
Little, Brown and Company

Ruby Bozarth is new to Rosedale, Mississippi. This young attorney tried her first case and is fresh to the Mississippi Bar.
Circuit Judge Baylor taps her as defense
counsel to a racially charged felony case in this legal thriller.

The murder of a woman from one of the town's oldest families has Rosedale's upper crust howling for blood, and the prosecutor
is counting on Ruby's inexperience to help him deliver swift conviction. Ruby's client
is a college football star who has returned home after a career-ending injury, and she is determined to build a defense that will stick. She finds help in unexpected quarters from Suzanne, a hard-charging attorney armed to the teeth, and Shorty, a diner cook who knows more than he lets on.

Ruby never belonged to the country-club set, but once she nearly married into it. As news breaks of a second murder, Ruby's ex-fiancé, Lee Greene, shows up on her doorstep--a Southern gentleman in need of a savior. As lurid, intertwining investigations unfold, no one in Rosedale can be trusted, especially the twelve men and women impaneled on the jury. They may be hiding the most incendiary secret of all.


Paulo Coelho

Paulo Coelho takes us back in time to tell the story of him as a young boy in Brazil. It tells his story of wanting to be a writer and the journey he takes getting there as well as the deeper meaning of his life.

His journey takes him from the famous “Death Train” to Bolivia, Peru, Chile and
Argentina. He continues to the Dam Square in Amsterdam. While there, he meets Karla, a Dutch woman who was waiting for the ideal companion to join her on the fabled hippie trail to Nepal via the Magic Bus.

As they travel together, Paulo and Karla explore their own relationship: a life-defining love story that awakens them on every level and leads to choices and decisions that will set the course for their lives thereafter.


Tieghan Gerard
Clarkson Potter

Tieghan Gerard was one of seven children
while growing up in Colorado. When her dad took too long to make dinner, she decided to start cooking at the age of 15. Being in the kitchen allowed her to find her place and to create unique dishes which led her to launch her blog, Half Baked Harvest.
With millions of people enjoying her take on comfort food, her photography and her life in the mountains - her barn turned test kitchen recipes are presented in this book.

Whether you need to get dinner on the table for your family tonight or are planning your next get-together with friends, this book is a feast for the eyes and the stomach.

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Shelly Westerhausen with Wyatt Worcel

Chronicle Books

We've all been there. You're having a get together with your girls or inviting a few people over to go over something. You don't want to go all out with a sit down dinner or maybe you are, but you want a few nibbles to have at the ready. You could buy a platter, but why not make an Instagram worthy presentation with the help of Shelly Westerhausen who has great tips on how to create casually chic spreads anyone can make and everyone will enjoy. This visual cornucopia of a cookbook is the guide to entertaining with effortless style.

You'll find that this book is organized by the time of day and the pairings include recipes, drinks and more to make it easier for you to create your next tasty look. In addition, there is a chart that gives great board suggestions which ensures that they'll photograph well!



Sarah Hays Coomer

Seal Press

Women are constantly being messaged to about size, weight, skin tones and more. It creates a mindset of how we should view ourselves which can create a stigma.

Physical Disobedience asserts that denigrating our bodies is, in practice, an act of submission to inequality. When we decide to take a stand on individual physicality, reclamation of the authority and the ability to sustain our efforts in activism: the protests, community service, and emotional resilience it takes to face the news and stay engaged.

This book's focus on wellness as an act of nonviolence toward our bodies, and embracing them through diet and exercise, fashion and social media, alternative therapies, mu sic, and motherhood. The focus is to ignite the body in a healthy way.



Kevin Kwan

Anchor Publishing

Unless you have been in seclusion, Crazy Rich Asians was released the middle of this month and has become a blockbuster movie, that not only showcases the representation of Asians in mainstream film, luxury and a number of storylines from dating, shopping and meeting your loved ones parents!

We're introduced to Rachel and Nick, who have been dating for a while. This summer he wants to take her to his home in Singapore for a friend’s wedding as well as to meet his family. The couple has no worries about spending the summer traveling together. His family, who are “crazy rich” (ridiculously beyond rich) are concerned that Nick is going to propose to someone who they have not vetted and is not from a “good” family.

It's clear that the movie does justice to the book. For those that have seen the film and have yet to read the novel which is a trilogy, it's time to go back and pick up where it all began and then continue on to the other novels: China Rich Girlfriend and Rich People's Problems.

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Cover-FFF 1211 HI-RES.jpg

From the Editors of Cooking Light

The All New Fresh Food Fast by the Editors of Cooking Light have presented 200 brand new recipes that use 5 ingredients or less and can be made in 15 minutes or less. The ability to make these meals in the midst of our busy days with fresh recipes is very helpful, it's the perfect way to be utilized in your lifestyle.

This cookbook covers a number of categories including: breakfast, soups, main dish salads, sandwiches (from fish to shellfish) meats, poultry, sides and of course - desserts.

Dishes that are created are twists on classics ranging from Cardamom Oatmeal with Honey-
Lime Yogurt and Pistachios; Udon Noodle and Mushroom Soup; Flank Steak Panzanella;
Southwestern Burrito Bowls; Seared Scallops with Bacon and Oranges; One-Sheet Pork Chops,
Brussels Sprouts, and Apples; and Maple-Pecan Minis.

Meals are comprised of fresh ingredients as well as store-bought products that are healthy and
filling. Advice is provided via tips and sidebars for ingredients that can utilize substitutions as well shortcuts to make meal prep easier.


Bill Clinton + James Patterson
Little, Brown and Company

Since we first heard about this book, we couldn't wait for this novel to be released as it is not
only written by a former US president but also a master of suspense - James Patterson!

This book takes place over the course of 3 days as a threat that threatens to affect Pennsylvania Avenue, Wall Street and ultimately across America.

The nation is gripped in fear as there are concerns of cyberterror, espionage and a Cabinet member who is identified as a traitor.

The concerns are so great, that the President himself is considered a suspect until he disappears from the public. This novel shows the inner workings of our nation which adds a distinct reality to this book.


Dan Brown
Anchor Publishing

Dan Brown of The Davinci Code, Inferno, Angels and Demons and more is back with Harvard professor of Symbology, Robert Langdon who just came to the Guggenheim Museum Bibao to see the unveiling of a discovery that will change the face of science - forever. He's being hosted by one of his first students, Edmond Kirsch, a forty-year-old billionaire and futurist.

As usual, chaos ensues during this evening,
but Robert is left to flee with Edmond's museum director, Ambra Vidal. They make their way to Barcelona on a quest to locate a cryptic password that will unlock Edmond’s secret.

The duo navigates hidden history and extreme religion and evades an enemy whose all-knowing power comes from Spain’s Royal Palace. Eventually, they find out Edmond’s surprising discovery.

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Nelson Demille
Simon & Schuster

What's not to love in Daniel "Mac" Graham MacCormick's life? At 35, he lives in Key West, owns a 42 foot charter fishing boat (which has a large bank loan), was an infantry officer in the Army and returned after 5 years with a Silver Star and 2 Purple Hearts.

With looming debt, he agrees to take on a job for $2 million for a 10 day fishing tournament to Cuba which he suspects has more involved than an outing that could include anti-Castro groups.

He learns that his charter involves obtaining $60 million in Cuba. His client's grandfather stashed the money in Cuba prior to fleeing from Castro's revolution. With the "Cuban Thaw" taking place between Havana and Washington, they are now in a race to find the money before someone else does. Mac will either be rich or not at all.


Amy Burfoot
Center Street

Former Runner's World editor-in-chief, Boston Marathon winner and runner that have logged over 100,00 miles - Amy Burfoot gives advice on how one can enjoy running and the health benefits that will last for a lifetime.

The act of running starts at an early age and is as natural as breathing is to us. But this simple act has become complicated with trendy gadgets and thought processes that hinder this native act.

This book focuses on the basics and the root of lacing up and running. She provides guidance to runners of every age and ability level.

Readers will find that regardless of their skill level, that they are properly motivated, learn how to avoid energy and see how they can increase their speed and endurance in order to reach their goals!


By the Editors of Food & Wine
Oxmoor House

Food & Wine Editors as well as celebrity chefs such as Daniel Holzman of NYC's Meatball Shop shares meals in a cookbook that literally share menus that you can create! You'll find a classic recipe with two sides, wine pairings, tips for leftovers and technique for the dish  in an easy to use cookbook!

In addition to the stunning imagery, the techniques are clearly illustrted. We're excited about the Meatball Shop's Meatballs in Tomato Sauce (the leftover option as well as the technique to make the uniform balls is great to know).

Ted Allen's Pan-Roasted Salmon with Tomato Vinaigrette is another winner that's perfect to enjoy as the temperatures continue to climb. The technique of learning how to remove salmon skin is another sill that's worth knowing (or being able to share at your next cocktail event.

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The Favorite Sister.jpg

Jessica Knoll
Simon & Schuster

Expect the unexpected when it comes to being in a reality series; however, murder isn't something that you would forsee taking place. This is what happens when 5 very successful women agree to be on this show.

The castmates include Brett, a tattooed 27 year old spin studio owner who just became engaged to her girlfriend. She definitely has
a few negative vibes from members of the cast.

Brett's sister Kelly is seen as a plus one to the rest of the veteran cast; however, she is protecting their secret.

The cast's first black member, Stephanie is the oldest of the group and writes erotic novels although everyone questions her marriage. This season, the show focuses on the rift between herself and Brett who were best friends once upon a time.

The Favorite Sister looks at the intricacies of relationships between sisters as well as the importance of sisterhood.


Zora Neale Hurston

Zora Neale Hurston shines a light on the true story of one of the last known survivors of the Atlantic slave trade that were abducted
from Africa on the last "Black Cargo" ship that arrived to the United States.

In 1927, Zora traveled to Plateau, Alabama and interviewed 86 year old Cudjo Lewis who was the last person of the millions that were involved in the slave trade that included the raid of his African home, his 50 years of bondage even after the Atlantic Slave Trade was outlawed in the United States.

She came back In 1931 to Plateau, the African-centric community three miles from Mobile founded by Cudjo and other former slaves from his ship.

The Outsider.jpg

Stephen King

When an unspeakable crime takes place an entire town is affected by the series of events as well as how it's handled. When swift justice is attempted due to air tight evidence, due to the perceived criminal, the suspense builds as the investigation takes a dynamic turn.

From witnesses, tremendous tension, the city's reaction to the heinous crime, is the accused man a nice guy or is there more to him than what they realized?

The answer to this question can only be answered by the master of suspense himself, Stephen King.

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Confidence Creator_.jpg

Heather Monahan
Preorder on Amazon

When you've shattered glass ceilings as a C-Suite executive in Corporate America and are faced with the reality that you are unexpectedly terminated, do you find another job or do you decide to be your own boss? These decisions are not uncommon and author, Heather Monahan faced this very situation and decided it was time to start fresh on her own and to empower others to be their best selves with the tools that they needed.

Confidence Creator shares Heather's triumphs in making a Boss in Heels and shares these tips with those who are looking to trailblaze in their careers. Readers will find her personal stories to obtain the confidence they need.







Alafair Burke
HarperCollins Publishing

When a woman has to make a choice between defending her husband and herself - the choice seems to be an impossible one in this domestic thriller.

Angela met Jason Powell when she catered a dinner party in East Hampton and thought that the romance would be nothing more than a fling for the summer. But their romance led to a marriage the next summer which also gave her son a stepfather and stability.

6 years later Jason has a successful bestselling book and is in the limelight and places Angela in the public eye - where she has worked so hard to be out of. When women come out accusing Jason of serious allegations and another one emerges, although she initially believes him until one woman disappears. This makes her re-evaluate her husband and regret not believing the allegations that she chose not to believe.

Magnolia Table.jpg




Joanna Gaines
HarperCollins Publishing

Fans of HGTV may miss seeing Joanna and Chip on the network; however, they still have a number of projects that will give you your design fix. Out this month, Joanna released Magnolia Table which focuses on her love of all things family. This lifestyle cookbook focuses on preparing and serving dishes in her home. The recipes are inspired by Gaines family favorites and classic comfort selections from the couple's new Waco restaurant, Magnolia Table. The book shares 125 classic recipes— from breakfast, lunch, and dinner to small plates, snacks, and desserts— American classics. As Joanna loves her garden, rest assured that dishes incorporate seasonal produce.




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