Copywriting is a great way to earn money and have a flexible schedule. It is usually a freelance position that requires advanced research and writing skills. Overall, copywriting means working with many aspects, starting from websites, blog posts and up to company press release. If you are fluent with writing and want to travel the world, this job might be just right for you. All you need is a laptop and internet connection. Here are 5 tips on how a copywriter can earn while enjoying travel life.

Photo by  Andrew Neel

Photo by Andrew Neel

1.     Find your niche

Yes, it is tempting to try everything, from emails up to academic papers. But, in fact, it is better to choose one particular niche. This way one can get better at it as a professional and earn more. Whether you are good at writing promotional materials for companies or scripts for YouTube videos, choose what you like. There are many options, like:

-          Affiliate marketing;

-          Writing brochures;

-          Writing articles;

-          Companies’ websites;

-          Medical copywriting;

-          Sales materials;

-          Advertisement;

-          Academic papers;

-          White papers, guides, etc.

It is important to know that to get the idea of approximate earnings. Travelling can include some surprises and unexpected disbursements. So it is better to stay on a safe side. And try to get travel deals that will save you some money. A starting copywriter might not earn a lot, but the better one gets at it, the more they earn.

2.     Choose the way to attract clients

The easiest one is to make a profile on freelance platforms and find clients there. It is usually very quick and has some security policies regarding payments. The downside is that one should work hard at first to get a good rating and projects score. The other thing is that one needs to apply for each project and do a lot of communication with clients. It takes time and some of the freelancers do not like it. The other opportunity is to create one’s own website and promote it with examples of works. It is a bit more complicated and requires some budget. And the third option is to work for a company that provides copywriters with tasks. One can work for a writing essays service or copywriting agency. So there is no need to find clients on your own, it saves a lot of time. it is also quite secure in terms of payments. So you can enjoy your sightseeing in free time.

3.     Consider working with local clients

Another good way to earn money while traveling is working with clients on the place of stay. One can find them through platforms or forums on the internet. It is especially great to write travel blog posts or reviews on places that tourists visit. This type of content is always in demand. And it might be a form of collaboration. For instance, a resort might provide one with living in exchange for copywriting services. Such deals are not so easy to get, but they definitely are worth it. It is better to have a strong social media presence to apply for it, like travel YouTube channel or Instagram blog.

4.      Be precise with schedule

It often happens that freelancers tend to take too many projects at the same time. It is tempting to earn more and, therefore, travel more. But there is always a risk to not be able to finish everything in time. Or, even worse, compromise on the quality. As working on your reputation, one cannot allow being lazy with quality. It is better to plan one’s work ahead. Create a schedule depending on your abilities and the time you want to spend working. After all, the point of working while traveling is to see other countries.

Photo by  Manny Pantoja

5.     Be clear about your pricing

It is probably one of the hardest parts of being a copywriter. When only starting off, one will probably compromise on the price. After all, there is not much experience and finished projects. Secondly, there is always a risk to get stuck with a lot of free projects for promotion. They might be useful, but not all of them. One should do research on market pricing and make a decision regarding the time, efforts, and skills.


If you love writing and traveling, there is nothing better than copywriting. It takes almost no special setting and requires a set number of skills. It can be done from any part of the world with internet access. There is also a great demand for all types of written content. Work with locals, get a permanent client, and search for new opportunities. But don’t forget to enjoy your spare time on the other part of the globe!

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