Do you run every morning? Do you work out frequently?

If you do, then you probably have an idea of the struggles athletes go through. Doing athletic activities frequently makes the muscle of sport enthusiasts and athletes (especially) get sore. A very common painful area for most athletes is their back. The vertebrae (particularly the lumbar vertebrae) in the back receive several sensations during athletic activities that can account for the back pain felt by many athletes.

This is why at the end of a day filled with many such activities, every athlete wants to get back home to a mattress that enables them rest and also relieves their sores and particularly, their back pain. No athlete wants to go home to a mattress that is so hard that it does not offer the comfort they need or so soft that it does not support the important structures in the body while they are resting.

So, how can an athlete choose the best mattress to help them relieve their back pain? Many mattress brands would call your attention to themselves every single day, but which of them will help you get up every morning with significant relief of the previous day’s pain.

Best Mattress Types for Back Pain

Memory foam and latex mattresses are commonly used among users with back pain and the reason is not far fetched—it relieves their pain.

Memory foam is our pick because it relieves pain, it works with the body contour and it also cushions the body. While memory foam allows broader parts of your body such as your hips and shoulders sink into the mattress, narrow parts such as your feet and waist stay right on top. This way, your body can stay resting in its natural body curves. This also means that each time you fully rest your back on the bed fully, you will be relieved of your pain.

If an athlete’s mattress does not conform to the natural body angles, then resting would not be as effective in the relief of back pain.

Moderately-firm latex mattresses or memory foams are better choices. With the surface, the body is not kept in any unnatural alignment and support is given to parts of the body that need rest. Hence, if any athlete is looking to get a mattress, it won’t be wise to choose just any mattress but be sure to go for one with memory foam technology.

However, this is not to say that memory foam mattresses have no flaws. A major concern about these products is the fact that they tend to trap heat. This implies that even though it is soft and tends to relieve your back pain, it will still seem as though you are sleeping on a hot mattress at night.

This flaw has been complained about in the past and so, in recent times, brands have not been slacking in addressing this issue. This is seen in the fact that they are now putting the materials they use in the production of memory foam mattress in check. As opposed to using synthetic materials, they are now going for plant-based, natural materials which are sure to give users a cooler feel while they are sleeping.

Hence, it is not still enough to get just any memory foam at all. You also have to take into consideration the producer of the mattress, the manner in which it was made and the materials that were used in its production. Reviews are helpful in getting the best of memory foams. An interesting review you can read is the Best Adjustable Comfort Beds: Top Picks & Reviews.

After comparing several options, a recommendation you can trust is the Amerisleep AS2. It is a great mattress which is confirmed by Business Insider as the “best mattress for back pain.”


Amerisleep’s AS2 gives the exact amount of support you need for your back when you are treating back pain or trying to prevent back pain.

Amerisleep’s AS2 is also a great medium-firm memory foam, as it uses high-quality materials and ensures pain-free sleep for several years. Hence, it is one great investment no athlete will regret.

It is best for sleepers who sleep on their backs or on their sides (which are actually the best ways to sleep) and it was also made using plant-based materials.

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