Netflix Originals

Netflix brings back the popular web series with Zach Galifianakis who showcases how he is the worst celebrity interviewer ever! The movie is filled with deadpan insults and plenty of pained expressions between the interviewer and the interviewee. Within the movie, he plays an altered version of himself and is tasked by Will Ferrell (who plays a cartoony villain of himself) to conduct 10 interviews in a span of 2 weeks in order for him to get a real network talk show that he really wants.

Throughout the movie, you're treated to a number of star-studded interviews (Keanu Reeves, David Letterman, Brie Larson, etc.) that all end horribly.

Ultimately, viewers will enjoy seeing their favorite celebs allowing themselves to be subjected to Zach's antics as well as trying to keep a straight face through it all.



BBC Sounds

Apple Podcast

This BBC Sounds podcast investigates the details of missing cryptocurrency OneCoin founder, Dr. Ruja Ignatov in 2017 who promised to change money forever. Host, Jamie Bartlett walks us through the finding of this case that includes: data leaked to the BBC found that the scam was worth between £3.6 - £4bn worldwide, and shows for the first time the scale in the UK. At least £26m was invested from the UK over one six-month window in 2016 - and maybe as high as £90-97m between 2014 - 2017 and over 175 countries had victims in the largest crypto-scam of all time that is still running to date.

Within 2 years of launching the company, they claimed to have over 3.5 million members with hundreds of thousands of investors and offices that opened in major cities around the world with events, she seemed unstoppable; however, rumors were swirling about the legitimacy of the currency and thus digging into the scheme that ended with Dr. Ruja vanishing.



Athleisure Studio


As you know, Athleisure Media is comprised of Athleisure Mag as well as our podcast network, Athleisure Studio.

These days, your calendar is supercharged and you find yourself having to pencil in when you need to breathe! As we're always moving and grooving between our offices, home, studio and out, we could all take some moments to spend time and hear from our faves in pop culture on what they're up to and how they keep it together as well. In Bungalow SK, you'll hear from your favorite celebrities and get the inside scoop on what they are working on.

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