Netflix Originals

Netflix brings back the popular web series with Zach Galifianakis who showcases how he is the worst celebrity interviewer ever! The movie is filled with deadpan insults and plenty of pained expressions between the interviewer and the interviewee. Within the movie, he plays an altered version of himself and is tasked by Will Ferrell (who plays a cartoony villain of himself) to conduct 10 interviews in a span of 2 weeks in order for him to get a real network talk show that he really wants.

Throughout the movie, you're treated to a number of star-studded interviews (Keanu Reeves, David Letterman, Brie Larson, etc.) that all end horribly.

Ultimately, viewers will enjoy seeing their favorite celebs allowing themselves to be subjected to Zach's antics as well as trying to keep a straight face through it all.



BBC Sounds

Apple Podcast

This BBC Sounds podcast investigates the details of missing cryptocurrency OneCoin founder, Dr. Ruja Ignatov in 2017 who promised to change money forever. Host, Jamie Bartlett walks us through the finding of this case that includes: data leaked to the BBC found that the scam was worth between £3.6 - £4bn worldwide, and shows for the first time the scale in the UK. At least £26m was invested from the UK over one six-month window in 2016 - and maybe as high as £90-97m between 2014 - 2017 and over 175 countries had victims in the largest crypto-scam of all time that is still running to date.

Within 2 years of launching the company, they claimed to have over 3.5 million members with hundreds of thousands of investors and offices that opened in major cities around the world with events, she seemed unstoppable; however, rumors were swirling about the legitimacy of the currency and thus digging into the scheme that ended with Dr. Ruja vanishing.



Athleisure Studio


As you know, Athleisure Media is comprised of Athleisure Mag as well as our podcast network, Athleisure Studio.

These days, your calendar is supercharged and you find yourself having to pencil in when you need to breathe! As we're always moving and grooving between our offices, home, studio and out, we could all take some moments to spend time and hear from our faves in pop culture on what they're up to and how they keep it together as well. In Bungalow SK, you'll hear from your favorite celebrities and get the inside scoop on what they are working on.

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Netflix Originals

When mothers realize that their kids are not responding to them, they take their issue of being empty-nesters and head to NYC for surprise visits. The three mothers who have been friends for decades juggle a bit of mother's guilt on their kids as well as navigating their new state in life. With their sons living their own lives, they find that they see one another less and less - they want to re-establish their connections with one another beyond Mother's Day brunches.

Throughout the movie, we watch them individually work on being noticed in front of their children. But it's also fun to see how they come together to update one another on their progress with their kids as well as how they are supporting one another as they continue to come to terms with the dynamics of their life. These suburban moms also take in a number of touristy as well as typical activities that New Yorkers do each day.



New York Times Audio Series

Apple Podcast

This riveting podcast created by the New York Times and hosted by Nikole Hannah-Jones, focuses on August 1619. This pivotal period in our nation's history, centers on a ship that carried enslaved Africans 400 years ago that arrived to the British Colony of Virginia. Fundamentally, their arrival would mark centuries of slavery. Listeners are taken through their experience and learn the steps that took place that encouraged this environment to become the natural state of affairs.

This podcast also looks at the long shadow it cast in terms of its commodification, the creation of a long battle for freedom, tracing racism to Jim Crow era, electoral politics, prison industrial complex, sugar within African Americans' diets, and more that slavery created by instituting the practice. This story is told through essays, interactive content and looks at, "the consequences of slavery and the contributions of black Americans at the very center of the story of we tell ourselves about who we are.”



Amazon Originals

This 5 episode docuseries showcases a decade long legal battle that Meek Mill has been battling. This series starts with Meek at the top of his career as a chart-topping rapper who would transition to being sentenced by Judge Genece Brinkley, to prison for 2-4 years for popping wheelies.

When the ruling dropped, #FreeMeek dominated Twitter feeds and the movement spread to fans and many from his label mate Rick Ross to even his nemises, Drake - stood in solidarity to voice their support for him. The series documents his career, legal woes to being a Co-Founder and partner of REFORM Alliance, a criminal justice reform that was founded by the likes of billionaires and business men Jay-Z and Michael Rubin.

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Netflix Originals

Season 3

If you have yet to watch The Last Kingdom, we highly suggest that you start at the beginning and start bingeing now over the Thanksgiving holiday!

We know that the main character, Uhtred saw that his father was killed and that the Saxon army was defeated by troops that invaded. He was captured by Danish warlord Earl Ragnar and raised in a Danish camp alongside a fellow captive, Brida - a sharp tongued girl.

Years later, Uhtred is a respected warrior that has another tragedy that takes place when his home is purposely set on fire and kills his surrogate family, including Ragnar. He is now alone with Brida by his side to avenge the death of this man as well as to reclaim his homeland.

The conflict resides in whether he will choose between his country of birth or the people who raised him. He will have to learn how to navigate both as he is set on building a nation. For those that are caught up on season 1 and 2, there are great things ahead with the current season and plenty of speculation on what the 4th season could be.




In a culture where celebrities are constantly shared in our social feeds on what they are up to, this podcast by Wondery takes a different approach. What if your favorite celeb or mover and shaker had a life that you didn't know and you had to guess to figure it out?

Imagined Life presents the backstory of celebs and is presented in a way where you are the celeb and you are provided clues; how ever, you are not told who you are until the very end. The episodes are engaging as you learn their backstory and ultimately, to gain a new perspective on who these notables are.



Acorn TV

Season 4

Line of Duty is a British BBC police procedural show whose 4th season (which has Thandie Newton in the cast) has now come to Acorn TV. This show focuses on a fictional police anticorruption squad unit AC-12. This cat-and-mouse thriller that focuses on modern policing and corruption has a stellar cast within this show which has already begun filming season 5 and has been greenlit for a 6th season as well.

Each episode puts a different member of the squad as the lead in an episode as they are assigned cases where police corruption could be taking place on a case that is being worked on. Fans enjoy the well written show that is filled with plot twists and unexpected thrills without focusing on gore and scenes of gratuitous sex.

With characters weaved into each show, it may be tempting to catch your favorite star, but it is worth the wait to watch it without distraction and to see how their stories evolve within and across the seasons.

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We became obsessed with Romesh Ranganatham when we binged his Showtime TV Show, 'Just Another Immigrant' which covers this UK based comic who comes to America to do a show at the famed Greek Theater. Throughout the season (which you can watch On Demand), we see Romesh trying to promote his show with his family and various comedic luminaries. In one of the episodes, he actually records his podcast Hip Hop Saved My Life (which focuses on hip hop) and in another he has Lupe Fiasco in the TV show which is the inspiration for the name of his podcast. We highly suggest watching the show as well as checking out his star studded podcast!


Season 6; July 27th
Netflix Originals

It's season 6 of one of our favorite Netflix shows, Orange is the New Black! Avid readers know that we have had 2 actresses - Vicky Jeudy and Alysia Reiner on our covers. We continue the journey of the female inmates of the Litchfield crew as the season ended with the 3 day riot that took place at the prison.

Season 6 begins with our favorites in a new environment in maximum security. Although there will be a few new faces to be sure, we will also see how a number of characters post the riot are continuing on. Will they continue to be connected with one another, will there be new alliances or will this be a new beginning in a completely different direction?



In the third season of 30 For 30, ESPN's podcast focuses on Bikram yoga for five episodes available now. The show focuses on the intricate world of Bikram yoga, its rise and fall debuts and how the community is dealing with it since the sexual assault allegations that were made against its founder, Bikram Choudhury.

The series shares how a young Indian yogi used his relationships with celebrities to launch a hot yoga empire that changed this sector in America forever. As Choudhury made money in the fitness industry, the Speedo and Rolex-wearing guru utilized healing powers of his yoga revolution and hid other activities that included allegedly bilking business partners, verbally
harassing students, and ultimately sexually assaulting several followers. Curently, there is a warrant for Choudhury’s arrest and he has filed for bankruptcy and left the country.

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Hulu Original

We're getting all the bittersweet feels of
the upcoming season of The Mindy Project
which is airing its final season starting
on Sept 12th!

Dry your tears and get ready for the last season which has a number of favorites
as we follow Mindy Lahiri, a skilled OB/GYN, as she continues to walk towards perfection - as a woman, finding the ideal guy and
of course riding off into the sunset
of - perfection.

Although it's the final act, we know that it will be filled with great jokes, nods to an array of pop culture references and so much more.


Netflix Original Series

We're all aware of Mother Monster as a performer, entertainer and even an actress. If you follow her online, you have a sense of who she is, what she supports and how much her fans mean to her as well as how she pushes the envelope. In the Netflix Original, GAGA: Five Foot Two, we get another glimpse of this icon as someone who is reflecting on her life as she is living it with a number of obstacles that she continues to confront.

In this documentary, the pop provocateur in her own words releases a new album, preps for her
Super Bowl halftime show, and confronts physical and emotional struggles.

Fans hear her share the duality of her life which includes major success and benchmarks while trying to understand the balance of her relationships and why she doesn't achieve these personal wants and needs. We also see how she has been battling pain while still performing as she doesn't want to let her fans down. She also showcases her vulnerability as well as fiercely sticking up for herself in her admiration with Madonna while also feeling snubbed by the icon.

In a nutshell, she reveals another layer to her music, how she goes about her work in detail and more as a means to allow her audience to understand her even more on Sept 22nd.



Even before Season 4 launches on Sept 22nd, Transparent has already been greenlit for a 5th season. But before you're dreaming of what will come up in those episodes, fans of the show will enjoy being thrown back into the family dynamics of the Pfeffermans as they struggle with their internal and external battles. Their journey takes them to Israel which is where most of the season takes place as each member finds their way through what they are dealing with individually and/or collectively.

If you have yet to catch up on previous seasons, now is a good time to do a proper binge for this award winning show.

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