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On today's episode of Athleisure Kitchen, we take it back to basics by talking about whole foods and the creation of the amazing fruit and nut bar which is known for having only 2-9 ingredients in each one! We talk with the founder of LÄRABAR, Lara Merriken about the inspiration behind the creation of LÄRABAR, how her life as an athlete at USC for women's volleyball, being a social worker as well as being a mom shaped her to creating this food innovation when she went on a hike one day in the Rocky Mountains. As someone in the clean eating space for nearly 20 years, LÄRABAR started with its signature 5 bars and has now expanded to nearly 20 that includes their new protein line. Lara shares how she created the initial offerings as well as her need to create a snack that allows those on the go to maintain their health without having to spend time finding the nutrients that they need in this episode that is presented by LÄRABAR/General Mills. After the episode, if you want to see the interview as well as a number of your favorite bars and new ones, make sure to visit our show notes to watch it as well.



On today's Athleisure Kitchen we head to the studio office of Ron SIlver's restaurant, Bubby's in the Meat Packing District. Bubby's is also located in Tribeca as well as 6 outposts in Japan. We found out about how he created one of the quintessential destinations for brunch with his passion for great food and keeping it simple. We also talked about how his interestes and passions in CBD and THC that led him to create Azuca which compliments his food as well as the love for creating art which you can see in his restaurants as well as his show in Mexico City.

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Netflix Originals

When mothers realize that their kids are not responding to them, they take their issue of being empty-nesters and head to NYC for surprise visits. The three mothers who have been friends for decades juggle a bit of mother's guilt on their kids as well as navigating their new state in life. With their sons living their own lives, they find that they see one another less and less - they want to re-establish their connections with one another beyond Mother's Day brunches.

Throughout the movie, we watch them individually work on being noticed in front of their children. But it's also fun to see how they come together to update one another on their progress with their kids as well as how they are supporting one another as they continue to come to terms with the dynamics of their life. These suburban moms also take in a number of touristy as well as typical activities that New Yorkers do each day.



New York Times Audio Series

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This riveting podcast created by the New York Times and hosted by Nikole Hannah-Jones, focuses on August 1619. This pivotal period in our nation's history, centers on a ship that carried enslaved Africans 400 years ago that arrived to the British Colony of Virginia. Fundamentally, their arrival would mark centuries of slavery. Listeners are taken through their experience and learn the steps that took place that encouraged this environment to become the natural state of affairs.

This podcast also looks at the long shadow it cast in terms of its commodification, the creation of a long battle for freedom, tracing racism to Jim Crow era, electoral politics, prison industrial complex, sugar within African Americans' diets, and more that slavery created by instituting the practice. This story is told through essays, interactive content and looks at, "the consequences of slavery and the contributions of black Americans at the very center of the story of we tell ourselves about who we are.”



Amazon Originals

This 5 episode docuseries showcases a decade long legal battle that Meek Mill has been battling. This series starts with Meek at the top of his career as a chart-topping rapper who would transition to being sentenced by Judge Genece Brinkley, to prison for 2-4 years for popping wheelies.

When the ruling dropped, #FreeMeek dominated Twitter feeds and the movement spread to fans and many from his label mate Rick Ross to even his nemises, Drake - stood in solidarity to voice their support for him. The series documents his career, legal woes to being a Co-Founder and partner of REFORM Alliance, a criminal justice reform that was founded by the likes of billionaires and business men Jay-Z and Michael Rubin.

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On today's episode of Bungalow SK, we talk to a creative that we have loved since popping on our radar on CBS' The Amazing Race. Paige Mycoskie who understands the importance of branding as well as giving her customers the comfort they need to maneuver throughout their day. As the founder of Aviator Nation, she fused her love for design, music and a retro aesthetic to create a brand that is known for its signature stripes and good vibes for men and women. With her brand popping up on athletes and being styled on such shows as TNT's Animal Kingdom as well as being included in photoshoots at Athleisure Mag, we find out how being at the right place at the right time has been a significant benefit to Paige's endeavors.


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On today's episode of Athleisure Kitchen, we head to the offices of Eataly in Flatiron to talk with Dino Borri, VP of Global Partnerships at one of our favorite culinary destinations that allows patrons to shop the marketplace, enjoy an array of eateries within this location and to learn more about Italian foods. Today's podcast episode kicks off with an introduction by Dino and continues with his discussion on the history and importance of the Italian Aperitivo as well as discussing the extensive biodiversity of foods that are available in Italy and can be purchased at Eataly.



On today's Bungalow SK, we head to Detroit to talk to acclaimed actor, Hill Harper of ABC's Good Doctor, host of Wondery's Legal Wars, activist and philanthropist to explore his transition from law school to acting in an array of popular shows. In addition to talking about his acting career as well as one of our favorite podcasts that we noted in Athleisure Mag's Bingely Streaming, he shares the importance of financial maintenance, awareness and education.


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Today's bonus episode of Bungalow SK is pretty exciting and full of glam! I remember when Moulin Rouge came out with Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor. There was so much to love about the visuals, performances, music and more. In addition, it's when I became mesmerized by power duo Baz Luhrmann and Catherine Martine. This film was made in partnership with the historic Moulin Rouge which debuted in 1889 and continues to have phenomenal shows in Paris. Flash forward to this summer when I sat down with principal dancer, Claudine Van Den Bergh Cook and Fanny Rabasse who has worked for a number of years as PR for the Moulin Rouge. They sat with me in Times Square to talk about the historic Moulin Rouge, the shows, how Claudine preps and of course, the costumes as well as how and where they are produced. We also talked about Moulin Rouge Broadway which just opened here in NYC as an extension of the partnership between this iconic performance house and Baz Luhrmann and Catherine Martine. It's also interesting to note that during NYFW The Blonds which are known for their over the top style and celeb filled runway shows will be partnering with Moulin Rouge Broadway to present their SS20 line.

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On today's episode of #TRIBEGOALS, we chat with our latest cover star of Athleisure Mag which took us to Ocean City, NJ to catch up with Marty Smith of ESPN's SEC Nation, SportsCenter, College GameDay and Marty & McGee right before college football starts! After a shoot that took us to some of his favorite spots, I sat with him in his vacation home to talk about when Marty fell in love with sports and specifically college football. We talked about his baseball days and transitioning into sports journalism and broadcasting from NASCAR.com to a number of contributing and hosting positions at ESPN. In addition, this impactful storyteller not only shares moments in his career from Jeff Gordon, Dale Earnhardt Jr to Cristiano Ronaldo and Tiger Woods - but also his new book Never Settle: Sports, Family and the American Soul.





We were listening to an episode that gives a bit of background on Wondery's 1865, and one of their guests was Dallas Taylor, host of Twenty Thousand Hertz. His specialty is sound design and in this very bingeable podcast they explore sound! Why are earworms so catchy, why are you nostalgic for notifications that were within ICQ's universe or the start up sounds that your device makes? Dallas reveals the stories begging the most recognizable and interesting sounds.

In addition, he also looks at the history of how certain sounds that may have been made centuries ago, continue to exist today such as the iconic Wilhelm scream (if you don't know it, once you hear it, you realize that you have heard it a million years. Hearing from a number of people who have added to sonic sound, sonic seasoning and more is definitely something that you can enjoy while you're getting a lot of work done and reminiscing on why this resonates with you - thus the beauty of sound design.



Hulu Originals

Not only did many people have Veronica Mars circled on their calendar, but it dropped early during the month of July! With Hulu Originals presenting one of our favorite towns, affluent Neptune - we continue to merge the past with the present. In addition to Veronica still being a PI and working with her father, we realize that under her thick skin, she's still one to fight for the underdog to get to the truth.

The season begins with Spring Break and seeing familiar as well as new characters and within moments, there is a crime to solve due to a number of people dying in an explosion. It becomes a serial nature when more incidents pop up. We also catch up with Veronica's love life with Logan and one her best friends Wallace whose life has definitely continued on since we have last checked in with him. As always Veronica Mars is a mix between dark humor, mystery and learning about oneself through the interactions with others. It's definitely worth the wait to see how it unravels.




Netflix Originals

Each summer we check in with the women of Litchfield and the characters that are adjacent to the prisoners; however, with season 7 being the final season - we are in a series of transitions! We see inmates that did their time come back to prison, those that left in previous seasons to see where they are since we have left them and those that are navigating job changes that formerly worked with the prison system.

Characters grapple with decisions that they have made, changes they wish to make and the fact that at the end of the day, they lean on their community for direction, hope and the ability to understand what they ultimately want in life based on their own choices.

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On today's episode of Bungalow SK, we talk about the importance of gut health and the journey that Stefan Weitz took in his personal health when diagnosed with MS in order to create recently launched Jetson, probiotic pills that are distributed seasonally via subscription. We talk about his days at Microsoft, being involved in the creation of Bing and how gut health is linked to so many things that take place in your body. 

Bungalow SK is a member of the multimedia podcast network, Athleisure Studio, part of Athleisure Media and Athleisure Mag. You can see our show notes at AthleisureStudio.com/Bungalow-SK and follow us on Instagram at @Bungalow.SK to find out who we’re talking with as well as what are guests are up to. Bungalow SK is hosted and Executive Produced by Kimmie Smith and Executive Produced by Paul Farkas. The music for Bungalow SK is Renaissance, performed by FOREVERT.


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On today's episode of Bungalow SK, we talk with Brad Goreski. We first met him on BRAVO's The Rachel Zoe Project as he stepped into the world of styling and being her assistant, he continued on with the network's It's A Brad Brad World and appearing on a number of shows including being a co-host on E! Fashion Police for a number of seasons and during Awards Season on E! Live From the Red Carpet where he gives the inside scoop on who he dressed, who is wearing what and making predictions on what designers we will see on the red carpets. His career has included being a Creative Director at Kate Spade and dressing a number of coveted celebs including Emily Ratajkowski, Demi Moore, Rashida Jones and Jessica Alba to name a few. He's known for rocking dapper style and never being afraid of color and patterns for his clients or himself.

With summer well on its way, we took some time to talk about how he got into the industry, how he is inspired to dress his clients, the importance of sunglasses - summer's accessory and MET Gala looks that he loved this year.

Bungalow SK is a member of the multimedia podcast network, Athleisure Studio, part of Athleisure Media and Athleisure Mag. You can see our show notes at AthleisureStudio.com/Bungalow-SK and follow us on Instagram at @Bungalow.SK to find out who we’re talking with as well as what are guests are up to. Bungalow SK is hosted and Executive Produced by Kimmie Smith. The music for Bungalow SK is Renaissance, performed by FOREVERT.






This Wondery podcast takes its listeners to the moment that President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. We are immediately introduced to a cast of characters that are left to grapple with a coup that threatened to shake up the bureaucratic system of power. Secretary of War, Edwin Stanton takes the task of ensuring that those who are meant to run the country stay in play while also ensuring that the line of succession remains intact with Vice President Andrew Johnson becoming President. While maintaining order, he also has to make various concessions as a means to maintain order which includes putting some of his beliefs on the shelf while navigating the interests of the country.

Bending to Southern interests, attempting to greenlight initiatives that involve reconstruction for newly freed slaves, as well as finding John Wilkes Booth, and additional mysteries that surround this actor turned conspirator envelop every part of Stanton's decision making and progress of the US. With all of these issues, 1865 shows how Stanton will betray his friends, his integrity and the very constitution that he is trying to protect under the veil of maintaining justice for the country.



Tenderfoot TV + Black Mountain Media

Apple Podcast

For fans of To Live & Die in La and Up and Vanished comes a new True Crime story, Culpable. This podcast's focus is on those cases that have yet to be settled and what justice has not been served. We are taken to Mississippi to find out about what has been deemed a suicide by Christian Andreacchio on Feb. 26, 2014. He was found in his bathroom of his apartment with a single gunshot wound to the head. But there is evidence that shows that not only was this a homicide, but a premeditated murder. Host Dennis Cooper investigates this story and probes those who knew him and were with him in his last hours to find out what truly happened in order for his grieving family to finally put the issues revolving around his death to rest.

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Netflix Originals

With 2 seasons on ABC, Designated Survivor was saved by coming to Netflix with episodes being released weekly!

The story of lower-level cabinet member, Tom Kirkman who through succession is elevated to President of the United States continues as he continues to ensure that the country stays together. As designated survivor, he continues to navigates threats that are made to the country by those outside of it and even those he works with on his staff. In each episode fans watch as he maintains the balance of continuing to grow within his position while supplying humanity to address the issues that he and the country face each day.





What is the cost of lies and the danger of directing a narrative. In HBO's 5 part series, we follow a number of characters who take us through the devastation of the explosion at Chernobyl, how it was handled by employees, how the government went about acknowledging the incident as well as coming to terms with the state of their actions.

At each moment, the viewer realizes that the risk of avoiding issues as they come up results in lost time and increasingly devastating costs. If you enjoy watching the series, you should also listen to their podcast as they explain how the creative team approached filming this miniseries and choices that were made in doing so. This podcast (of the same name) is available wherever you enjoy listening to your favorite shows.





Imagine it's the 80s and you live in the Hamptons and everyday you see your neighbor. He's at home and throws parties that a number of people enjoy each year. You realize that the neighbor is a psychiatrist who loves being around celebrities. You also notice that he enjoys a well manicured house that includes greenery, koi fish and more, and the gardener seems very particular about ensuring that these tasks outdoors are completed.

But when a journalist found out through another neighbor that the psychiatrist did not own the Hamptons home and that the gardener was the owner an intricate story unfolds that shows the lengths that the psychiatrist went to in order to embed himself in this and other patients lives to their detriment. In this true story that is extremely binge worthy, you have to keep reminding yourself that this happened.



Netflix Originals

Ali Wong stars in this Netflix Originals movie will debut on May 31st, we see her as a successful famous chef who is living a life that many would covet. When she finds herself going back to her hometown, she is reconnected with her friend who is a local musician. They have always had a connection that was more then friends, but they have a hard time living in one another's world. The blend of comedy, culture, society and more come together in this tale on love, taking a chance and seeing things for the first time that you may not have previously.



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On today’s episode of #TRIBEGOALS we talk with John Salley, who had a phenomenal NBA career with 4 Championship rings on 3 separate teams. Post his NBA career, he has been a host of FOX Sports’ Best Damn Sports Show Period, a host on a number of shows such as VH1’s Basketball Wives and Basketball Wives LA, as well as a number of other hosting and TV appearances. In addition, he is known for his philanthropy, activism and his investments within health and wellness. With his focus on veganism as well as the cannabis sector, he has a truly diversified portfolio. I talk with John Salley about his career, his legacy in the game and his transition into his current projects.  

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On today’s #TRIBEGOALS we’re chatting with WTA and US Open 2017 winner, Sloane Stephens. We find out how she came to tennis as well as her decision to go pro, her focus this season as she takes on an array of matches, the importance of staying healthy as well as what it was like to represent Team USA in 2016 for the Olympic Games at Rio.


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On today’s Athleisure Kitchen, we head downtown in New York’s NoLita neighborhood to The Kitchen Table to sit down with Food & Wine as well as Top Chef judgeGail Simmons. We talk about her food journey and the array of jobs that she took on in professional kitchens to understand the industry in order to be an effective food journalist. In addition, we talk about her unexpected transition into being a TV personality, how it’s like to prepare for being on the show as well as what’s currently in her kitchen as we continue through the Spring in making new dishes, welcoming guests into our homes for Spring celebrations and what key ingredients are in her kitchen for this time of year!

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