We know how the week's click by #AthTribe friends. When you're days are packed with work, meeting with friends, running errands and more - it's nice to get a few tips on what should be on our radar. This week, we're stepping up your lunch game keeping you hydrated stylishly, updating your tablewear game, tossing the lunch bag for something more chic and suggesting a tasty treat that you can eat on the go whether it's at the office or in the park.


COPPER H2O | When your in the studio, in addition to checking out back details of sport bras and tanks, we love seeing water bottles that catch our eye. From the studio to being out and about, we suggest Copper H2O that is not only stunning in its design but provides ayurvedic health benefits with this water bottle which is handmade traditionally and made with love by skilled artisans. Buying one of these copper bottles is also great karma: Copper H2O is a "social enterprise” which donates a large portion of their profits to non-profit organizations that work to supply clean drinking water in developing countries. @CopperH2O (IG | Facebook)

THE NAPKINS | We don't think about the essential napkin but The Napkins are textile paper napkins that look like the fancy linens you think about when you're hosting a fancy dinner. You can fold this up into your bag and make lunch (whichever way you do it) a bit more decadent! These napkins have a thick texture and can be tossed away easily. With so many designs, you can change them according to your mood. @TheNapkinsUS (IG | Twitter)

BAGGU | It's all about the perfect easy bag to bring your lunch whether you packed it at home OR you bought it near your office. This leather tote is the perfect one for your lunch routine. @BAGGU (IG | Twitter


RAW MKT  |  61 E 8th St, New York, NY 10003

RAW MKT | 61 E 8th St, New York, NY 10003

This market style poke eatery is our new friend. We love the fresh fish (this month they're focused on sweet heat tuna), their juices and even being able to get a number of treats that are perfect for the continued heat waves that we're in the midst of. In addition, you feel like you're in a Hawaiian market since you can pick up a few snacks for the road. @RAWMKT ( IG | Facebook )