This week's #AthTribe invites you to take some me time by having an overnight or staycation at the hotel of your choice. It's essential to take a moment for yourself and to give yourself the right to simply veg with your favorite layers, beverage and to bring it all in your bag of choice. 


1911 ESTABLISHED | When it comes to enjoying a nice Hard Cider, we're happy to suggest the selection offered by 1911 Established. We visited their apple farm (Beak & Skiff Apple Farms) last fall in Syracuse during a press trip and enjoyed their alcohol, wine and beers that are made from - apples. Check out their full line in addition to this flavor @1911SPIRITS (IG | Twitter)

FLEUR'T INTIMATES | If you're looking for the most comfortable way to stay in, look no further than Fleur't Intimates which begs to be worn for lazy Saturdays, staycations and serene meditations. @FLEURTINTIMATES (IG | Twitter)

STELLA MCCARTNEY | The perfect bag for your overnight or weekend can be found within this luxe Stella McCartney bag which is chic as well as an easy items to bring on whatever trip you have in mind. @STELLAMCCARTNEY (IG | Twitter


KIMPTON @ INK48  |  653 11TH AVENUE NEW YORK, NY 10036; Check the Kimpton website to   see other NYC hotels offering Million Dollar views  .

KIMPTON @ INK48 | 653 11TH AVENUE NEW YORK, NY 10036; Check the Kimpton website to see other NYC hotels offering Million Dollar views.

Whether you're traveling to NYC or enjoying a staycation, Kimpton Ink48 Hotel in Hell's Kitchen and the Garden District's, Kimpton Hotel Eventi provide picturesque views of the city. You can see the cityscapes for just $1! 

This deal is good for stays until January 31, 2018, visitors who book will receive a value of $75-$85 savings, for only $1 more. With this package, guests can upgrade their view to a Cityview King Premier Room for $1 more than a standard room. In addition to these perks, this upgrade allows guests to receive a $25 dining credit.

In addition to these selected upgrades, guests can enjoy free WiFi, $15 minibar/bar credit & Spa Benefit for those that are Karma Rewards members, complimentary nightly hosted evening wine hour, complimentary morning coffee and tea service, yoga mats are available in every room, PUBLIC bikes are complimentary and they have access to wellness perks.

For more details on Million Dollar View, visit here. Book using promo code EVIEW until December 31. 2017. @KIMPTON ( IG | Twitter )


We know how the week's click by #AthTribe friends. When you're days are packed with work, meeting with friends, running errands and more - it's nice to get a few tips on what should be on our radar. This week, we're stepping up your lunch game keeping you hydrated stylishly, updating your tablewear game, tossing the lunch bag for something more chic and suggesting a tasty treat that you can eat on the go whether it's at the office or in the park.


COPPER H2O | When your in the studio, in addition to checking out back details of sport bras and tanks, we love seeing water bottles that catch our eye. From the studio to being out and about, we suggest Copper H2O that is not only stunning in its design but provides ayurvedic health benefits with this water bottle which is handmade traditionally and made with love by skilled artisans. Buying one of these copper bottles is also great karma: Copper H2O is a "social enterprise” which donates a large portion of their profits to non-profit organizations that work to supply clean drinking water in developing countries. @CopperH2O (IG | Facebook)

THE NAPKINS | We don't think about the essential napkin but The Napkins are textile paper napkins that look like the fancy linens you think about when you're hosting a fancy dinner. You can fold this up into your bag and make lunch (whichever way you do it) a bit more decadent! These napkins have a thick texture and can be tossed away easily. With so many designs, you can change them according to your mood. @TheNapkinsUS (IG | Twitter)

BAGGU | It's all about the perfect easy bag to bring your lunch whether you packed it at home OR you bought it near your office. This leather tote is the perfect one for your lunch routine. @BAGGU (IG | Twitter


RAW MKT  |  61 E 8th St, New York, NY 10003

RAW MKT | 61 E 8th St, New York, NY 10003

This market style poke eatery is our new friend. We love the fresh fish (this month they're focused on sweet heat tuna), their juices and even being able to get a number of treats that are perfect for the continued heat waves that we're in the midst of. In addition, you feel like you're in a Hawaiian market since you can pick up a few snacks for the road. @RAWMKT ( IG | Facebook )


Readers of Athleisure Mag know that each month, our #TRIBEGOALS features in the issue of our magazine looks at items recommended for your tribe in terms of what to eat, where to play and what to wear - with three must have items that were enjoying for the moment. You can see our latest feature here.

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SAND BY SAYA | Flip flops are a must but that doesn't mean that you can't add your personality to them! @SandBySaya (IG)

WISEWEAR | The fitness tracker gets full accessorized while keeping an eye on your health and keeping you safe at the same time. @WiseWear (IG | Twitter)

QUILTED KOALA | Having a fun backpack that includes military style is perfect to enjoy when you're out and about or just taking a moment for yourself. @QuiltedKoala (IG | Twitter


TIPSY SCOOP  |  The Ice Cream Barlour is located at 217 East 26th Street

TIPSY SCOOP | The Ice Cream Barlour is located at 217 East 26th Street

If you could merge ice cream and alcohol together, you would have the dream land known as Tipsy Scoop which just recently launched their Barlour in Manhattan's Midtown East. For those heading out for Half Day Friday's - this should become a part of your plans. In addition to amazing boozy ice cream options that you can enjoy on site, you can also have items delivered throughout the United States. These artisanal treats take their lead from classic cocktails and of course, can only be consumed by those that are 21+. @TipsyScoop (IG)