We're days away from STAR WARS: The Last Jedi and there are a number of collabs that have popped up in conjunction with the movie. Earlier this month, Rag & Bone released their collection which takes its inspiration from the movie. See some of our faves to the left!

If you want to see another collaboration, check out Christian Louboutin's heels that take inspiration from the movie's leading female actresses.


Readers of Athleisure Mag know that each month, our #TRIBEGOALS features in the issue of our magazine looks at items recommended for your tribe in terms of what to eat, where to play and what to wear - with three must have items that were enjoying for the moment. You can see our latest feature here.

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SAND BY SAYA | Flip flops are a must but that doesn't mean that you can't add your personality to them! @SandBySaya (IG)

WISEWEAR | The fitness tracker gets full accessorized while keeping an eye on your health and keeping you safe at the same time. @WiseWear (IG | Twitter)

QUILTED KOALA | Having a fun backpack that includes military style is perfect to enjoy when you're out and about or just taking a moment for yourself. @QuiltedKoala (IG | Twitter


TIPSY SCOOP  |  The Ice Cream Barlour is located at 217 East 26th Street

TIPSY SCOOP | The Ice Cream Barlour is located at 217 East 26th Street

If you could merge ice cream and alcohol together, you would have the dream land known as Tipsy Scoop which just recently launched their Barlour in Manhattan's Midtown East. For those heading out for Half Day Friday's - this should become a part of your plans. In addition to amazing boozy ice cream options that you can enjoy on site, you can also have items delivered throughout the United States. These artisanal treats take their lead from classic cocktails and of course, can only be consumed by those that are 21+. @TipsyScoop (IG)