We took a moment to chat with model, entrepreneur and mental health advocate,
Kourtney Reppert. We wanted to catch up on what she has been up to and how she stays fit.

ATHLEISURE MAG: Tell us about your background and how you got into modeling?

KOURTNEY REPPERT: I was destined to be in the spotlight some way or some how. My three older sisters used to dress me and play beauty parlor w/ hair and makeup. After I was “Barbie’d up,” they’d give me a hairbrush to sing into like a microphone and I’d perform full fledge concerts for my family. Though I lived for the glam squad fun and art of performance, my true love was playing sports and being outdoors. In school I was voted “The Next Miss America” and was eventually scouted on college campus from a modeling/acting agency. This is where my calling just took off. I began sitting for various photo shoots and fell into modeling naturally. Since then, I never looked back. Gaining initial recognition for my looks and talent, it was exciting to combined athleticism and modeling together and show the world true girl power. In fact, I was named Philly’s Hottest Blonde and Sports babe! Funny right? I make a conscious effort to sustain a healthy lifestyle and career balance now since becoming the greatest role of my life…mom:) Every day I empower my son, even though a young age still, to work hard, never stop believing in himself and what he can do, and to never stop doing what you love. I believe dreams really do come true!

AM: When did you realize that due to your model portfolio that you wanted to be involved in Tropic Beauty?

KR: Tropic Beauty is all about being the best version of yourself through physical appearance with the synergetic intentions of your heart. Tropic beauty is so important to me because it’s a great way to connect so many like minded women, who are able to create a platform and build a name for themselves. I see a lot of young, beautiful women and it’s a great way for me to connect, teach and mentor what I’ve learned and how I’ve been able to brand myself through social media. 

AM: When did Tropic Beauty launch and what is the goal of this business?

KR: The Tropic Beauty competition launched eight years ago. It’s creator was working with Hawaiian Tropic up until the company was sold. This experience inspired her to create her own brand, being Topic Beauty.  I loved my position so much there as the director and social media mentor for these women! The owner and I have stayed in touch over the years and in fact, I even competed back in 2010. Amy watched what I’ve done for myself and my brand and wanted to bring that on for her own Tropic Beauty competition, too.  It’s a true honor to be able to work with likeminded women, especially those with a clear vision for their future and self-branding dreams.

AM: What is the Kourtney Reppert Foundation and your reason behind creating it?

KR: My foundation is probably the biggest, if not most important thing in my career. I’ve been through a lot in my life and those experiences have helped make my voice stand up for others, provide hope and share a platform that embraces a journey carrying facets similar to so many. It allows my story to help coach others and encourage them to find the strength from within. My low points in life have counted more than most will have to experience in their lifetime.

I look at my foundation as a way to bring real changes to how society works, help so many women and children in need, and bring awareness to environmental issues as well. A lot of times people are afraid to ask hardworking people for help and even amongst their own peers. My goal is to raise a lot of money, just so I can give it all away…literally. I want to make big changes to this world, make it a better place for my son, and to be able to show him what he’s helped me achieve by giving me the gift of MOM. My foundation, inspired by son, is truly my biggest passion and the fuel behind everything I do.

AM: What are your goals for KRF as we begin the back half of the year?

KR: To really put it front and center, when my clothing line launches — my Kourtney Reppert Foundation will launch simultaneously. A portion of proceeds from my clothing line will go into my nonprofit, as everything I do and pour my heart into is connected. 

AM: As an entrepreneur, are there other businesses that you can share that you will launch this year?

 KR: You’ll just have to wait and see! Stay tuned….

AM: As someone who is in great shape, what are 3 workouts that you swear by especially as many are finalizing their summer bodies?

KR:  Well, I swear by my trainer, Mack Fit and his APP! When I can’t physically train with him, I use the APP. The convenience of technology on the go helps guide me to do whatever workout I should do. Hiking and swimming are my big loves! Overall, I just really love being healthy and making good diet choices is just as important as exercise. Your body, mind and spirit shows what you eat.

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And Breathe H.jpg

Rebecca Dennis

Can you breathe your way to health and happiness? In And Breathe, Rebecca 

Dennis, a London based breath coach and workshop leader who was trained by Judith Kravitz (Transformational Breath) has written a guide on deep breathing for health and happiness.

The average person inhales and exhales about 20,000 times a day; however, most of those breaths are short and shallow and are known as "stress breaths" because they just reach the chest. This kind of breath creates a constant "fight or flight" response in the body and according to the World Health Organization, they believe that by 2020 depression and anxiety will be the number one disability worldwide.

Throughout the book, there are exercises that are described to guide you through deep diaphragmatic, conscious breathing. These are tools you can use throughout your day and can be done anywhere whenever you need. In addition Rebecca reminds us that breathing is natural and we must retrain our mind to this way of being.

America's Test Kitchen

Crisp temperatures mean that it's time to start preparing your favorite meals via the Slow Cooker. With over 400 recipes, you'll find that there is something for everyone that can be cooked from appetizers to desserts!

You'll find a number of recipes that take 8 hours to cook via the Slow Cooker as well as those that only take 15 minutes to prepare. We have a feeling that you'll tag a number of finds that you'll make this fall and winter season.


Leadership Institute Press
Phyllis Fender + Randall Bell

In the midst of some of the greatest inventions that the world has also enjoyed, Leo Fender created the electric guitar. His interest in electronics lead him to open a radio repair shop in his hometown of Fullerton, California. Band leaders and musicians knew that if their equipment needed to be repaired, then they should go to him.

Leo invented the Fender Stratocaster 

which has been embraced and was/is preferred by world-renowned musicians like Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, David Gilmour, Eric Clapton, George Harrison and Jeff Beck — to name a few.

Although his work was enjoyed by vibrant luminaries, Leo was a shy inventor who was nearly deaf and had one glass eye.

Beyond designing his notable quitars, in 1946 he founded Fender Electric Instrument Manufacturing Company — the launch pad for his most iconic designs — and later on, G&L Musical Instruments. 

Leo Fender: The Quiet Giant Heard Around the World shares his story.

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