PHOTO COURTESY |   Clem Onojeghuo

PHOTO COURTESY | Clem Onojeghuo

Let's face the truth; women prefer cardio workouts over weightlifting. Most still think that they should not train like men. But one thing to know is that cardio exercises alone will not be very effective for any woman who is looking forward to losing fat.

There are many articles that show how this can sabotage your fitness goals. We will also give you the main reasons why you should consider using a variety of workouts rather than cardio alone if you are a woman and want to lose fat. But first, let us look at what cardio workouts are.

What Are Cardio Exercises?

These are all the exercises that primarily target raising the heart rate. Although they play a role in burning calories, they are relatively slow at doing this. They involve a lot of muscle and body movement. Some of the best cardio workouts that are loved by women include but are not limited to the following exercises.

·         Swimming

·         Jumping rope

·         Running on the treadmill or jogging outside

·         Use of an elliptical trainer or cycling

·         Rowing

Reasons Why Cardio Workouts Slow Down Fat Loss

Studies have shown that women who rely on cardio workouts alone for fat loss may be in for a big disappointment. First of all, cardio workouts like the ones we have mentioned above will not burn many calories. Although the person will sweat and spend some time on a treadmill, the rate of utilizing the fat in the body is very slow. And this is why trainers recommend weightlifting especially if you have been using enhancement gear from sellers like musclesfax.com. This is the only time you will start to see a difference.

The second big reason why it will sabotage your efforts is the fact that women tend to eat more after a cardio workout. Some reports claim that this is just a mental issue of feeling like you can reward yourself for having burned calories. But others claim that cardio workouts make women very hungry immediately after the session. Either way, this will make it hard to achieve your dream.

The other reason why women should think about mixing cardio workouts with lifting and other exercises now is that cardio exercises are very addictive. After skipping rope or jogging in the morning for a long time, you will understand how hard it is to stop. Therefore, it is better to start engaging in weightlifting and other exercises as soon as possible.

The Best Solution for Women

As a woman who would like to lose fat, it is important to develop a workout schedule that includes other types of workouts. If you research thoroughly, you will find other articles that advise women to train like men. But what is it that men do to lose fat? Those who are dedicated to fitness usually combine cardio with lifting and other body workouts. In fact, cardio is considered to be the best activity to rest and cool off the body.


As this article concludes, it is worth mentioning that stretching the body before workouts and cooling it off are necessary for those who want to achieve their fitness goals. If you always remember these tips consistently, burning fat will be very easy.

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