When you think of Chile, you may think of warm climates, sensual dancing, and phenomenal music; however, there is another side which reminds you of the South Pole that's filled with hiking snow terrains, glaciers and seeing indigenous wildlife.



The Patagonia region is a diverse landscape that presents moments worth capturing. Situated in a known International Biosphere Reserve in Torres del Paine National Park, Grey Lake is picturesque with ice sediment and massive floating icebergs.

Pictures courtesy of The Chilean Tourism Board.

500 years ago, explorers came to Patagonia to take in the vast, exotic, wild and infinite beauty. The wilderness has not really changed since then and has an unspoiled bounty of mountains, fjords, glaciers,
forests and steppes.

Patagonia still boasts the rich and lively history of ranching from its gauchos
which tourists and enthusiasts can participate. It is also known for trekking to take in the rich landscape year around.

By heading into the Southern Ice Fields,
you come face to face with lakes, waterfalls,
glaciers, etc. Head over to the ancient
frozen ice formations hidden in the Torres
del Paine and San Rafael Lagoonn National
Parks. It's worth toasting your trip with
whiskey on the rocks with ice from Yelcho
Ice Field in the Carretera Austral.

Fitness and history collide for those that navigate the sea fjords and channels to
cross the famous Straits of Magellan before setting sail for Antartica. This historic
journey is one that won't easily be forgotten. Whatever peaks your interest, you'll meet a number of new friends from furry ones to connecting with nature in the midst of your travels from hiking, camping, and navigating waterways.

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