Netflix Originals

Season 3

If you have yet to watch The Last Kingdom, we highly suggest that you start at the beginning and start bingeing now over the Thanksgiving holiday!

We know that the main character, Uhtred saw that his father was killed and that the Saxon army was defeated by troops that invaded. He was captured by Danish warlord Earl Ragnar and raised in a Danish camp alongside a fellow captive, Brida - a sharp tongued girl.

Years later, Uhtred is a respected warrior that has another tragedy that takes place when his home is purposely set on fire and kills his surrogate family, including Ragnar. He is now alone with Brida by his side to avenge the death of this man as well as to reclaim his homeland.

The conflict resides in whether he will choose between his country of birth or the people who raised him. He will have to learn how to navigate both as he is set on building a nation. For those that are caught up on season 1 and 2, there are great things ahead with the current season and plenty of speculation on what the 4th season could be.




In a culture where celebrities are constantly shared in our social feeds on what they are up to, this podcast by Wondery takes a different approach. What if your favorite celeb or mover and shaker had a life that you didn't know and you had to guess to figure it out?

Imagined Life presents the backstory of celebs and is presented in a way where you are the celeb and you are provided clues; how ever, you are not told who you are until the very end. The episodes are engaging as you learn their backstory and ultimately, to gain a new perspective on who these notables are.



Acorn TV

Season 4

Line of Duty is a British BBC police procedural show whose 4th season (which has Thandie Newton in the cast) has now come to Acorn TV. This show focuses on a fictional police anticorruption squad unit AC-12. This cat-and-mouse thriller that focuses on modern policing and corruption has a stellar cast within this show which has already begun filming season 5 and has been greenlit for a 6th season as well.

Each episode puts a different member of the squad as the lead in an episode as they are assigned cases where police corruption could be taking place on a case that is being worked on. Fans enjoy the well written show that is filled with plot twists and unexpected thrills without focusing on gore and scenes of gratuitous sex.

With characters weaved into each show, it may be tempting to catch your favorite star, but it is worth the wait to watch it without distraction and to see how their stories evolve within and across the seasons.

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Jennifer Cohen

Habit Nest

Consider this your personal trainer in book format. When you're focused on obtaining your fitness goals for the booty of your dreams as well as trimming your waist. This book has workout tips that is created by Celebrity Fitness trainer, Jennifer Cohen. You'll find instructions on targeted workouts for 10 weeks and you have the ability to track your process.

This fitness journal allows you to be accountable and to take authority of your goals.


Ellie Kemper

Simon and Schuster

If you wanted to know more about Ellie Kemper who starred as Kimmy Schmidt in the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt as well as The Office's, Erin Hanon, this book gives insight into this comedic wife, mother and New Yorker and the funny stories of how she got into the industry, like landing her role in Bridesmaids when she actually was a Bridesmaid!

Ellie talks about her childhood in St Louis from directing/starring in her family holiday pageants, attempting (and failing) at becoming friends with the backyard squirrel, washing her dad's car with a Brillo pad and becoming a “sports monster” who ends up warming the bench of her Division 1 field hockey team in college.

It is worth learning how she navigated the industry and how she stayed true to herself is a lesson in staying positive in an industry that is tough to get into as reflecting on the way one should also approach their own lives no matter what industry they work in.



AJ Pearce

Simon and Schuster

Set in London during World War II, we learn about Emmeline Lake who dreams about being a war correspondent and actually becomes a secret advice columnist in the process! Emmy and her best friend, Bunty continue to do their part for the war effort and maintain cheerful dispositions despite the fact that they hear the nightly raids made by German planes.

Emmy answers an ad in the newspaper thinking that her dream of being a Lady Emmy answers an ad in the newspaper thinking that her dream of being a Lady War Correspondent is about to become true and finds that in an epic misunderstanding that she is typing letters for Henrietta Bird, the paper's known advice columnist of Woman's Friend magazine.

Mrs. Bird tells her that letters that are not appropriate must go into the trash.

But when Emmy reads the pleas of women who have engaged too far with the wrong man, (those who don’t want to let their children be evacuated that) she begins to write to them secretly even though she knows she shouldn't.

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