Center Street
Dee Dee and Paul Sorvino

When you think about your favorite food scenes in a movie that isn't necessarily about food, Goodfellas is one of our favorites as it shows that it's all about eating items created from love and those you share it with. Interestingly enough, Paul Sorvino and his wife, Dee Dee have recently released Pinot, Pasta and Parties which shares a number of amazing meals by location!

No cookbook with this phenomenal actor would be complete without a section dedicated to Goodfellas! In addition, their travels take them to a number of places as well as assist the reader with great tips on creating a great dinner party that both are known to do!
We're loving the trend of cookbooks that are not only filled with recipes, but a number of stories and other pieces that allow you to feel as if you're hanging out with them! 

Imbrifex Books
Megan Edwards

When you're making your way through life, you learn to go with the flow and to also work in various areas even if it's not where you ultimately want to go. We meet Copper Black who lives in Las Vegas and writes for a newspaper on beats that involve arts and culture. Although she has a love life, it would definitely be deemed nothing short of "its complicated." 

One day when she's out and about at an event, she happens to meet a noted philanthropist who literally turns her world upside down by connecting her within a world of those that are well to do, movers and shakers - as well as those who live under a cloud of murder!

Through the twists and turns of this novel: an old tortoise looking to escape, a coveted accessory that becomes the clue to the mystery, an on going investigation and more -  it's all about Getting Off on Frank Sinatra which is the key to life for Copper. In the end, she understands her place in the world and has a great foundation to the next steps that will take place in living the life that she truly deserves.

Jessica Murnane
Harper Wave

GIRLS' Lena Dunham writes the forward for Jessica Murnane, a wellness advocate and podcaster who created a cookbook to help make changes in your food intake to embrace a plant based lifestyle. One Part Plant is a simple request to eat just one plant-based meal each day.

Jessica's endometriosis — a chronic and painful condition — left her desperate for relief. Her friend's advice radically overhauled her diet. Within months, her pain started to fade and she felt like herself again. 

Jessica's insight, playful tone and simplicty makes this a joy to read and implement. 

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