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When mothers realize that their kids are not responding to them, they take their issue of being empty-nesters and head to NYC for surprise visits. The three mothers who have been friends for decades juggle a bit of mother's guilt on their kids as well as navigating their new state in life. With their sons living their own lives, they find that they see one another less and less - they want to re-establish their connections with one another beyond Mother's Day brunches.

Throughout the movie, we watch them individually work on being noticed in front of their children. But it's also fun to see how they come together to update one another on their progress with their kids as well as how they are supporting one another as they continue to come to terms with the dynamics of their life. These suburban moms also take in a number of touristy as well as typical activities that New Yorkers do each day.



New York Times Audio Series

Apple Podcast

This riveting podcast created by the New York Times and hosted by Nikole Hannah-Jones, focuses on August 1619. This pivotal period in our nation's history, centers on a ship that carried enslaved Africans 400 years ago that arrived to the British Colony of Virginia. Fundamentally, their arrival would mark centuries of slavery. Listeners are taken through their experience and learn the steps that took place that encouraged this environment to become the natural state of affairs.

This podcast also looks at the long shadow it cast in terms of its commodification, the creation of a long battle for freedom, tracing racism to Jim Crow era, electoral politics, prison industrial complex, sugar within African Americans' diets, and more that slavery created by instituting the practice. This story is told through essays, interactive content and looks at, "the consequences of slavery and the contributions of black Americans at the very center of the story of we tell ourselves about who we are.”



Amazon Originals

This 5 episode docuseries showcases a decade long legal battle that Meek Mill has been battling. This series starts with Meek at the top of his career as a chart-topping rapper who would transition to being sentenced by Judge Genece Brinkley, to prison for 2-4 years for popping wheelies.

When the ruling dropped, #FreeMeek dominated Twitter feeds and the movement spread to fans and many from his label mate Rick Ross to even his nemises, Drake - stood in solidarity to voice their support for him. The series documents his career, legal woes to being a Co-Founder and partner of REFORM Alliance, a criminal justice reform that was founded by the likes of billionaires and business men Jay-Z and Michael Rubin.

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